supply integrated label designed to work with Amazon and eBay. The paper is easy to use and can help you to save time and money by streamlining your pick and pack processes.

Integrated Label paper is A4 paper a peel out label included on the sheet. Print your invoices or packing slips on the paper, use it to pack your parcel then simple peel off the label and stick it onto your parcel to send.

Print directly from Amazon or eBay using their built in invoice formats or use the templates we supply for free to print from word or to PDF.

Our paper is suitable for use on Ink Jet and Laser printers, we use 90 gsm Pre-Print grade paper, this grade of paper is more directionally stable and has a lower moisture content. Our paper will not curl when printed in large quantities on a laser printer.

The laser laminate on the reverse of the form is made of a high grade compacted Kraft liner, giving the paper excellent lay flat properties.

Our adhesive is an all new high tack adhesive which works well with all packaging types.

Prices start at £17.90 for a box of 1000 sheets of paper, check out our website for more details


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