Delivering powerful, high-quality, feature-rich business solutions has remained at the heart of Khaos Control for over twenty years. These values guide the development of Khaos Control as a Multi-Channel Retail, Order and Inventory Management solution, for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). When it comes to business, your success is our success, and unlocking the full potential of businesses is what drives our team.

Our Features

Inventory Management

Ditch the effort, pain and hassle that comes from controlling your stock levels manually and benefit from accurate data that is driven by our advanced ERP software. Sell on multiple channels and marketplaces with confidence and allow your stock to be a tool for growth – not something you check fearfully every time you download an order.

Sales Management

Khaos Control puts the customer at the heart of your sales order process. We enable your business to provide a consistent, multi-channel experience to consumers (B2C) and trade customers (B2B) alike every time they shop with you, regardless of the channel they use.

Accounts Management

With fully integrated accounting functionality, Khaos Control provides you with up-to-the-minute financial reporting, allowing you to stay on top of revenue, profitability and all your business expenses. By providing multi-currency and multi-country support, Khaos Control ensures that you can expand your operations knowing that it can easily handle currency conversion rates, country-specific VAT, EC Sales reporting etc.

Customer Management

Without customers, there isn’t a business. Our customer relationship management tools help you put customer communication at the heart of your operations. Record and manage every customer interaction, delivering better customer service with ease. Using our CRM system, you will be able to build up a comprehensive picture of your customers likes, dislikes and order history with you – all leading to improved communications and better customer service.

Multi Channel ERP Integration

Two-way integration with BigCommerce as well as a whole host of other major channels and marketplaces such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Xero, eBay and more. Seamlessly link existing accounts to Khaos Control for an effective and integrated business management solution.

Our Products

Khaos Control

A leading multi-channel software solution, with a strong focus on the mail order and retail industry. The flexibility and power of Khaos Control means scalability – no matter how many users, products or transactions.

Khaos Control Cloud

A subscription cloud-based solution that streamlines your business’ stock control, order processing, CRM and accounting. Using advanced ERP software, we put retailers and wholesalers in control of their business 24 hours a day.