Nethansa is the largest marketplace service provider in CEE. Our team of ecommerce experts provides services to customers on Amazon and 365 days a year. We are verified by Amazon SPN and Amazon Marketplace Appstore and

Our proprietary Nethansa Platform is an advanced AI-driven tool that helps to drive sales and boost profits on Amazon and marketplaces. It allows our customers to automate product prices management, forecast turnover and profitability, manage product listings, automate order processing and logistics, and – most importantly – win the Buy Box.

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Nethansa Platform

Nethansa Platform is an advanced tool, which uses AI and Big Data to help boost your Amazon and profits. It sets product prices, forecasts the turnover, manages listings and orders and more.

Maximise your profits with our repricing function

Our advanced repricing function constantly compares your product prices to other listings, and depending on the current market situation, lowers or increases your product prices to win the Buy Box position.

  • The platform performs initial pricing analysis before recommending a sale price that will bring you the highest possible profit
  • Three profitability “safety nets” ensure your sales always deliver profits
  • Price management across 8 European Amazon marketplaces and happens automatically based on your pre-set criteria
  • Automated exchange rates updates ensure your prices are always in-line with the prevailing exchange rate in a given country
  • Find out more about our repricer’s functionality and try it for free.

Forecast sales and never run out of stock

Forecast sales up to 30 days ahead. Nethansa Platform predicts future orders based on the analyses of your actual sales results, as well as historical sales data. Find out more.

  • Place your stock orders with a greater level of confidence that you won’t over or under order your stock
  • Forecast your sales and potential profits well in advance and manage your cashflow more effectively
  • Generate forecast reports and compare them to the actual sales

Automate order processing on Amazon and

Control orders, logistics and taxes from one place.

  • The platform allows you to integrate with major courier companies
  • Nethansa Platform keeps record of your sales, which helps you monitor orders and stock levels, and manage all logistics processes
  • Nethansa Platform meets all GDPR compliance requirements

Automation and integration

Integrate easily with the most popular ERP systems and online stores, as well as with Amazon API and

  • Synchronise your ERP with Nethansa Platform and marketplaces
  • Our platform can link thousands of products to listings that already exist in marketplaces
  • The platform can be connected with the biggest logistics operators such as DHL, DPD, UPS

Dedicated Services

Managing thousands of products across a number of European marketplaces can be a daunting task. Nethansa, by providing a range of dedicated services, allows our customers to enter international markets with a goal of increasing sales and boosting profitability at a fraction of the cost and with minimal risk. Our teams will:

  • Provide guidance pertaining your sales strategy for different marketplaces and countries
  • Manage customer enquiries about products, orders and deliveries in 8 languages
  • Assist in meeting legal and accounting requirements
  • Focus on maintaining the metrics of your seller account (or the so-called Account Health) as high as possible
  • Minimise operating costs related to trading on marketplaces
  • Implement FBA and FBM selling models where relevant and best suited to your business
  • Provide ongoing analysis of sales opportunities
  • Manage returns and return policies
  • Optimise courier networks and order delivery logistics
  • SEO optimise product listings’ content
  • Verify and lunch new products on marketplaces
  • Create, manage and optimise PPC campaigns on marketplaces