Rue du Commerce is a French marketplace that opened in 2009. It started out concentrating on consumer electronics but it has since broadened its horizons to welcome a broader selection of goods. Since 2016 it has been owned by one of France’s biggest supermarket chains, Carrefour. The average age of shoppers on Rue du Commerce is within the 25-49 years old demographic. 54% are men and 46% women and predominantly in the ABC1 group. They boast that one third of French online shoppers use the marketplace.

It’s reported that Rue du Commerce has a total turnover of €439m. They have a total customer base of 9 million and 6 million unique visitors per month. Notably, the average spend is quite high at €180. It’s reported that there are just 750 sellers on the marketplace so there’s still space for you. The word is that they are very keen to expand their product offering and welcome international sellers on to the marketplace who offer unique goods that will appeal to French shoppers.