The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ is an award-winning business that allows businesses and consumers to use the Stamp Free or white-labelled app to send parcels and letters and return consumer goods without needing a postage stamp or carrier label. Utilising machine handwriting recognition as a core part of its technology It is beneficial for the environment with no extra machinery, stamps or printed postage labels required – just handwritten six or eight-digit codes, essentially handwritten barcodes – which are scanned and validated by AI at the source by a smartphone before the item is sent or returned.

It’s all about personalising rather than blanket solutions, and this is where a technology such as Stamp Free fits so well. Consumers demand different delivery channels and choices, so having an option to access postal and carrier services through a smartphone is a smart solution.

Smartphones should be a central point in helping growing businesses with all important stuff. Just think about how the wizardry of tech can help make growth, flexibility, and environment all come together. Completing that shipping process from the super-shed or sofa may become a reality.

No label, no printer, no queues, no problem. We have businesses and postal companies covered.

Our solution, backed by secure AI data, is not only beneficial to marketplace sellers and small business owners but for everyone in the world. Our technology helps those living in rural and island communities, who often must travel many miles to purchase stamps or drop off items at post offices. This is also beneficial for the disability community, those with limited mobility or busy lives, because effectively having a digital stamp or a shipping tool in your pocket via an app removes the need to make most of these journeys and can be fully integrated with PUDO, lockers, doorstep delivery and handheld tech.