Stuff U Sell is the UK’s leading eBay Trading Assistant, offering an end-to-end selling service for businesses and individuals. Founded over 8 years ago, the service was designed both to remove hassle from the selling process – Stuff U Sell can collect, sort and store all goods up for sale – as well as getting higher prices.

With over 100,000 feedback and a sales record of over £6m sold for clients, research shows that Stuff U Sell’s deep knowledge of the marketplace and reputation can get sellers up to twice the price that novice sellers get for identical items – effectively more than covering the cost of commission in some cases.

Stuff U Sell work principally on commission and don’t charge for storage, cataloging or photography – so their incentives are fully aligned with the seller to get the highest prices. If you fancy finding out more about the no-hassle way to sell on eBay, send an email to or call 0800 046 1100 for a no obligation chat.