The sophisticated TradePeg platform was created as a bulletproof, cloud-based solution to meet the exacting specifications of our early clients in 2016.

Continuing to grow by word-of-mouth only, we have now unleashed this extraordinary system to delight SMEs in the ecommerce and wholesale sectors.

Our customers love us for our personal touch, the ability to tailor the system to meet their particular business needs and our ability to offer flexibility throughout their growth.

TradePeg continues to evolve, completely driven by the feature requests and needs of our customers.

TradePeg stands out by streamlining your ecommerce business and automating workflows by optimising all processes. Your data is centralized  across multiple sales channels with our many multichannel integrations.

TradePeg’s vast feature set allows you to automate carrier rules, seamlessly fulfill orders, and gain complete visibility across the sales cycle via a sophisticated reporting set.

Enterprise level features with ease of use for the best value in the industry.

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FBA Stock Control

Live and automatic tracking of FBA stock ensuring that your stock levels are always maintained correctly, whether orders are self-fulfilled or by FBA.

Carrier Rules

Automated selection of the most appropriate carrier using rules such as delivery time and volumetrics.

Order Control

Full visibility and control of every order originating from all channels

True Landed Costs

Work with the true cost of products, by linking multiple receiving transactions and factoring in every bill.

Inbound Shipment Control

Full visibility and traceability of goods arriving by sea freight enabling the visibility to start earlier.

Centralised Stock Control

Manage inventory centrally, with synchronised stock levels across all channels preventing overselling.

Comprehensive Reporting

Powerful reporting features allow you to you review every KPI and schedule delivery of key reports by email.

Warehouse Management

TradePeg includes an integrated WMS built from the ground up to implement barcode scanning for easy, streamlined warehouse picking and packing. Process goods in and out of warehouse faster for efficient low friction operations that support better profitability.

TradePeg provides full traceability of every item within multiple warehouses and storage locations, guaranteeing absolute auditability of all movements. Our objective: the most efficient way of picking, packing and dispatching. 

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