iPad prototype with 2 docking ports sold on eBay

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What do you do when you acquire a running Apple’s software testing suite, called “SwitchBoard” and the first iPad ever seen with two docking ports? Sell it for $10,200 on eBay over the US Memorial Weekend appears to have been the answer.

Sadly for the seller his hope that selling a hot item over a holiday weekend thus avoiding attention from Apple doesn’t seem to have worked. The huge publicity has got reports of the prototype iPad into the press and it’s possible Apple might want it back. The seller is reported to have said they didn’t know if the iPad was stolen from Apple, or if it was simply kept by an employee working on the prototype. Either way Apple aren’t likely to want a device with their test software out in the open.

Whatever the outcome and regardless whether the buyer manages to hang on to his $10,200 purchase it proves the old adage that you can’t hide on eBay. All transactions are open for the world to see and if you’re not sure of the provenance of the item you’re about to sell it’s probably better to check it out before selling it online rather than after.



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