What to sell online in summer

The summer season may be hot for online sellers in two ways, weather-wise or business-wise. Summer is a good time to take advantage of the market’s need for items such as clothes, shoes, vehicle parts or sporting goods. If you are not selling in these categories you can only see summer as a hot season from a weather perspective.

Webinterpret has carried out research to find out what item categories encounter the biggest demand during June, July and August for British sellers, and some results might surprise you.

Clothes are understandably very popular in summer months, but did you know that vehicle parts are the second most popular item category online? It outperforms sporting goods, which one might think would be a shoo-in for the most popular item category sold online.

One can attribute the popularity of vehicle parts to the fact that people tune up their vehicles when the weather is nice. If you’d like to find out more, check their detailed analysis.

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