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People hoping to live by the ‘new year, new you’ mantra can make use of CollectPlus’ latest research, which uses Google search trends to identify the best months to list items of clothing that are gathering dust in their wardrobe.

Those looking to make money and declutter their wardrobe this January should list embroidered jeans, Timberlands, and pinafore dresses, as these items peak in popularity this time of year. Clothing in rose gold, burgundy and mustard are also highly coveted, whereas pastels, florals and tie dye are best kept until March or April to get more from your sale.

Whilst there are some good timing tips for selling used clothing, the same research will apply to selling new in-season stock as well.

The best times to sell your clothes online are:
December – February March – May June – August September – November
Colours/ Patterns Burgundy
Rose gold
Leopard print
Floral Blush pink
Mint green
Tie dye
Trends Embroidered
Sports luxe
Dresses Sequin
Dungaree (light denim) Gingham Cut Out
Jackets Bomber Parka
Jeans Embroidered
Trousers Dungarees Culottes
Skirts Midi Suede
Tops Cross front
Lace up front
Shoes Lace up flats Doc Martens
Timberland boots

Items which have shown a consistent increase in popularity, with yearly recurrences over the last 12 years include trench coats, leather jackets, leather skirts, turtlenecks and chelsea boots.

The research was conducted after a survey found that more than half of Brits resell their unwanted clothes online, with a quarter of items being listed less than six months after purchase; nearly one in four admitted to selling their clothes in order to fund new buys.

The survey also revealed the prices shoppers are willing to pay for second hand high street items in ‘near new condition’; items with the biggest return are:

  • Winter coat (£24)
  • Sportswear (£16)
  • Handbag (£16)
  • Dress (£15)
  • Summer jacket (£14)

Those surveyed also highlighted what areas to focus on when advertising clothing online; over a quarter prefer listings to have quality photos, while nearly one in five will use the starting price as their main deciding factor on whether or not to bid. 18% of buyers want a detailed description before committing to a purchase.

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus said: “Selling clothing online is a great way of decluttering and making money quickly. Our research shows how following online search queries is key to improving the resale value of your clothing – Meaning you’ll have more money in your pocket to refresh your wardrobe when the new season collections arrive. Thankfully, staying on-trend throughout the year is becoming easier than ever. As long as you get your timings and tactics right, you can make the most out of your unwanted items in order to treat yourself to this season’s latest trends.”

To find out when is the best time to sell your clothing and for advice on selling online, check out further information on CollectPlus’ website.


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Royal Mail drop-off now available at Collect+ stores nationwide

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