Free Warehouse Goods In Scanner App from Peoplevox


Peoplevox launched a free Android mobile app for use by any e-commerce retailer seeking greater control over their Goods In process.

The easy to use mobile app is now available for download from the Peoplevox website and is the first example of a slew of product innovations underway at Peoplevox Labs, the company’s Research & Development arm.

The Goods In Scanner app is designed to help you capture and record receipt of goods by item thus enabling you to reconcile items received against an order, and share the details via email.

If you currently manage your goods in process using goods inward books, google sheets, excel, trello, slack or similar it could really speed things up for you and reduce your paper trail.

This ready to use free app from Peoplevox Labs underlines our commitment to innovating fit for purpose products, making the lives of those involved in e-commerce retail and warehouse fulfilment easier, more efficient and more profitable. Peoplevox Labs is essential to our ongoing R&D process, turning innovative ideas into action and putting great products into the hands of end users as quickly as possible. As part of the development cycle we actively seek market feedback to ensure we deliver maximum value to our Clients.
– Jonathan Bellwood, Peoplevox’s Founder and CEO

How will the app help you?

By facilitating a fast, consistent and repeatable goods in process. For example, the app could be used like this:

  1. When a delivery arrives, use the app to create a new Goods Receipt Note (GRN) entry
  2. Inspect each item as you unload it
  3. If the item is damaged, set it to one side
  4. If the item is good, use the app to scan its barcode and record the quantity
  5. When you have unloaded all items, email the GRN to your back office using the share feature on the app
  6. Next, use the app to create a new GRN, scan each damaged item, and email this ‘damaged items’ GRN to your back office

Your back office staff now have a complete record of the delivery, separated into good and bad items, with emails they can forward to suppliers to confirm the delivery and query damages and discrepancies. What’s more, if you use the camera facility to photograph paperwork and items as you receive them, these images will be included on the emails, providing evidence of exactly what was received and what state it was in!

What do you need to get started?

This looks like a really useful app so all you need to get going is your Android mobile or a dedicated Android device equipped with a barcode scanner and camera. Rather than messing about with ticking deliveries off against a paper docket, why not simply scan the items as they’re unloaded to tally against the original order at your desk?

Further Peoplevox apps are currently in beta and will be released soon so keep a look out for more useful utilities soon. In the mean time download the Peoplevox Warehouse Goods In Scanner App here


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