Scaling your business – Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass

Start Date:
Thursday 5th July 2018 - 3:00 pm
End Date:
Thursday 5th July 2018 - 4:45 pm

Starting to sell on Amazon is perhaps one of the easiest marketplace to launch your marketplace business on – especially if you’re listing a product that already has an ASIN in Amazon’s catalogue. What’s more difficult is when you want to launch a new product on Amazon that hasn’t previously been sold and then you’ll face the ‘Cold Start’ problem trying to attract attention to your listing and one solution is Amazon Sponsored Products.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Efficient Era, to delivery a masterclass revealing how the top Amazon sellers get sales and attract buyers to their listings. We’ll look at all the factors that affect sales on the Amazon marketplace including: Inertia; Relevance; Discoverability; Conversion Rate; and Customer Experience.

This webinar is part of our 2018 series intended to help sellers turning over £1 million or more on marketplaces to grow their businesses and take them to the next level. Sellers with lower turnover but who are rapidly scaling their online sales will also benefit.

What will you learn in the webinar?

The webinar will reveal how to successfully launch a product on Amazon and drive traffic to it in combination with Amazon Sponsored Product listings. You’ll learn:

  • Why Advertising on Amazon is no longer an option
  • Factors that affect sales inertia
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Tactics for advanced sellers: Influencing Sales Velocity and Organic algorithms through PPC
  • Incremental bidding method
  • How Efficient Era’s automated bid recommendations can take the guesswork out of this complex process

Who is this webinar for?

You’ll benefit from this webinar if you’re already selling at scale on Amazon with products which are unique to you. You’ll learn expert tips for using Amazon Sponsored products which you are already in a position to take advantage of immediately.

You’ll also find this webinar insightful if you are growing your marketplace business rapidly and are keen to introduce your own product and scale your business to sell significant volumes. You’ll discover how the £million turnover sellers get their products seen in Amazon search results and drive conversions to increase sales.

Sign up to attend the webinar

You’ll need to sign up in advance to attend the Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass webinar which takes place on the 5th of July at 3pm UK time.

If you think you may be unable to attend, sign up anyway as we’ll make the webinar recording available to watch immediately after it’s taken place.

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