Live eBay Town Hall to be held on 25th February

Start Date:
Tuesday 25th February 2020 - 12:00 am
End Date:

Jordan Sweetnam, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas Market at eBay and Marni Levine, Vice President Seller Operations and Engagement at eBay are going to answer questions from eBay sellers in a live eBay Town Hall on the 25th of February. If you want to get your questions regarding eBay answered, these are the senior execs in a position to do so.

It won’t be quite ‘live’, questions have to be submitted in advance and then they’ll pick from the questions which have had the most votes from the eBay community to answer. You have until 5pm PT on the 20th of February to submit your question… but the earlier you do so the more time there is for people to vote and get your question to the top of the pile.

Live eBay Town Hall Question Guidelines

eBay have advised the following guidelines to get your question answered:

  • Keep questions respectful and related to selling on eBay.
  • Search before submitting a new question. Don’t waste time writing a question that has already been submitted.
  • You can submit as many questions as you like, but only one question per post. If you have multiple questions, you should submit one post per question.
  • Keep it concise.
  • No account-specific questions. If you have a question related to your account, eBay Customer Service is the best place to ask those questions.
  • Don’t submit repetitive questions. We welcome your questions, but please do not post your question more than once as it is disruptive.
  • eBay Community usage guidelines apply to questions you submit.

Top voted Live eBay Town Hall Questions

The questions with the most votes to date are:

  1. Fashion Category: Item specifics continue to be a problem
  2. eBay claims they are working to improve things. When will we see the fruits of that labor?
  3. Is it true that coins, currency and bullion will not be allowed with managed payments?
  4. Why aren’t Sellers being given the option to stay with PayPal instead of Managed Payments?
  5. Why can eBay not Provide an Archiving Feature for Listings?
  6. Streamlining the Money Back Guarantee for International Sellers
  7. BUYITNOW Listings with a beginning, a middle & an end!
  8. Why are investor returns so high when there are so many technical problems in need of investment?

You can vote for your favourite questions or submit one of your own here.

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