Amazon FBA Selling Dangerous Goods (hazmat) webinar

Start Date:
Wednesday 26th August 2020 - 1:00 pm
End Date:
Wednesday 26th August 2020 - 2:00 pm

You might think that you sell perfectly innocuous products, but it’s surprising what can be classified as hazmat (hazardous materials). While most people would think of hazmat to be highly corrosive or toxic products, it actually also refers to consumer products used on a daily basis by millions of people.

Printer cartridges, chargers and batteries, perfume, nail polish and even shoe polish are all defined as potential hazmat by Amazon and there are also legal requirements for the transportation by road, rail or air and the storage of such products.

Amazon’s Dangerous Goods team reviews each ASIN converted to (FBA) within four working days and whether or not a product is a possible dangerous good or not is mainly based on catalogue information so you need to get this right. If the hazmat information that you provide is complete and correct the review and classification will be completed within four working days but information is missing, incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise conflicting, your product may be blocked for sale through FBA.

To help you learn more, Amazon are holding a webinar on Wednesday the 26th of August to introduce you to useful concepts to successfully sell goods classified as hazmat with FBA In Europe.

Hazmat webinar agenda

  • What are Dangerous Goods and why do we care?
  • How to sell Dangerous Goods through Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Compliance Documentation and best practices
  • Q&A

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