Close the Gap on Customer Delivery & Returns experiences

Start Date:
Thursday 29th April 2021 - 11:00 am
End Date:
Thursday 29th April 2021 - 12:00 pm

RegisterOnline shopping is on the rise and will remain this way post-COVID as shoppers continue to buy on marketplaces and retailer websites to satisfy demand. In fact, the Office of National Statistics have revised their forecasts from 20% to a forecast of 30% year-on-year growth as online sales rocket thanks to the Pandemic and the permanent change it has had on shopping habits. But as the size of the ecommerce pie (and competition) gets bigger, so too do the demands and expectations of the online shopper. Yet, the latest consumer research tells us that retailers still have a long way to go to close the gap between what consumers expect from delivery and returns – and, what they actually experience.

With one in two consumers saying they have abandoned a purchase at checkout because they didn’t find a delivery option to suit them and more than 59% saying they would not buy from a retailer again after a bad returns experience, it’s vital that retailers close the gap on the delivery and returns experience or get left behind. The problem gets bigger as customers expect the experience to be consistent, regardless of whether they are buying your products direct from your website or via a marketplace.

But how? How can smaller retailers Close the Gap and give consumers a best-in-class delivery and returns experience when they are up against the larger brands?

Join this webinar at 11am on the 29th of April to find out how to you can give customers a seamless delivery and returns experience and, beat the competition when it comes to conversion rates at checkout.

This webinar is aimed at online retailers who are shipping 50+ parcels per night and selling via their websites and/or marketplaces. If this applies to your business, please register.

RegisterWhat you’ll get from this ‘Close the Gap’ webinar

  • Top 5 insights from the latest research on what consumers expect from delivery and returns
  • What a ‘best-practice’ delivery & returns experience looks like
  • Building the right mix of delivery options and technology tools to solve the problem
  • Seeing this in practice – a live demo of a seamless customer delivery and returns experience

Our guest speakers will be Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director for GFS and, Phil Bradley-Smith, Technology Specialist for GFS

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