New eBay July item specifics mandates & Free Optiseller help

Start Date:
Wednesday 7th July 2021 - 2:00 pm
End Date:
Wednesday 7th July 2021 - 3:00 pm

With only weeks to go until new eBay July item specifics mandates roll out on the 12th of July, we’re pleased to announce that it appears eBay have funded Optiseller’s Aspect Finder+ tool through to the September.

Previously, the Aspect Finder+ was available courtesy of eBay until the end of June, but in an announced extension it’s now free through to the 30th of September.

RegisterOptiseller are hosting a webinar on the 7th of July at 2pm, where their ecommerce experts will give practical guidance on what to do and how to benefit from the eBay July item specifics changes and will doubtless be showcasing their tool which you can now use for free.

There are a batch of new eBay July item specifics mandates that sellers need to comply with. The following product categories are affected: business & industrial, collectables, gift cards, home & garden, media, musical instruments, parts & accessories, sporting goods, and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Item specifics comprise a detailed description of a product (make, brand, colour, size, etc) and are an essential part of the filtering process for buyers. According to eBay, 55% of customers use filters to find what they want. In certain categories (such as fashion) this can rise to as much as 80%.

“What may seem like an inconvenience to sellers can actually pay dividends. In this webinar our e-commerce experts will show sellers how they can leverage item specifics to boost sales. eBay’s objective in extending item specifics to more categories is to enhance the customer experience in the marketplace. Buyers can look for products in a more structured way to find exactly what they want. Therefore, sellers need to ensure their listing data is in the best shape possible so that buyers can find them. The more detail provided the more visible your products will be in eBay search results.”
– Richard Falconer, Chief Operating Officer, Optiseller

For sellers with large inventories the task to update item specifics manually might seem daunting. Optiseller has a suite of tools which can automate many of the processes taking away the hard work. Chief amongst these is the Aspect Finder+ tool which quickly identifies the listings that are missing the required and recommended item specifics across all listings in all categories. The tool also improves SEO to boost search visibility and help maximise sales for the seller.

Book a place on the new eBay July item specifics webinar today!

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