Royal Mail stamps still valid following the Queen’s death

An FAQ has been released following the Queen’s death, which answers some questions on what happens to the Royal Mail stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth’s face.

The straightforward answer is not a lot will happen for the time being. We will continue to use Stamps featuring the Queen’s face and they will continue to be valid until a future issue is announced by Royal Mail and Buckingham palace.

Are purchased stamps still Valid?

Yes, any stamps already issued are still valid for use. According to Royal Mail you still have until 2023 to swap your original Stamps for the new barcoded ones.

Will post boxes change?

Existing post boxes will remain in place featuring Queen Elizabeth II likeness. Post boxes in production or being installed will also remain.

When will the stamp feature the king?

There is no official answer, Royal Mail say that they will consult Buckingham Palace in the usual way before making any further announcements. For now, there are sufficient stocks to fulfil anticipated demand.

Will postal deliveries continue as normal on the day of the funeral?

Nope! Royal Mail has announced that services will be suspended on Monday 19 September so you’ll have to plan around that.

We are proud that over the coming days Royal Mail will play an important role delivering messages of condolence from all around the world to the Royal family. We want to make our customers aware that services will be suspended on the day of the funeral as people come together to honour Her Majesty, after 70 years of exemplary service to the nation and the Commonwealth.

Simon Thompson, CEO, Royal Mail
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Thanks for continuing the service and condolence to the family.

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