Etsy tells sellers to check shipping profiles to avoid disappointment

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Christmas is edging ever closer and with it, comes shipping delays. It’s even more important that Etsy sellers check and update their shipping profiles this year, to make sure upcoming postal strikes and service delays don’t leave customers unhappy and your business suffering.

Etsy say that they will adjust estimated delivery dates for sellers. Below is the full announcement.

Happy holidays, Etsy sellers! 

Estimated delivery dates are important to shoppers year-round, but especially during the holidays when they’re buying gifts or items for their festive celebrations. That’s why we’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure that Etsy shoppers have an estimate of when their orders will arrive. 

We use info from your shipping profiles, including processing times, shipping carrier, and shipping service, to calculate the estimated delivery date we show shoppers. We also track millions of Etsy orders so we can identify when major carriers are experiencing delays. Using this data, we can adjust estimated delivery dates to account for major delays—giving shoppers a more accurate estimate of when their order will arrive.  

The info in your shipping profiles tells us where you ship from and how you ship. This lets us get more precise in how we adjust the estimated delivery dates shown for the listings that use your shipping profiles.

When you add your shipping carrier and service to your shipping profile, we can use that info and the buyer’s location to show them a personalized estimated delivery date.This gives us more opportunities to set expectations with shoppers who are seeing delays in their region without discouraging shoppers who aren’t experiencing delays. 

What this means for you

The best way you can help is to ensure your shipping profiles and processing times are complete and up to date. We recommend you choose a specific shipping service (rather than the “Other” option) so we can help give shoppers the best estimate of when their order will arrive. 

Learn more about setting up your shipping profiles in Etsy’s Help Center.

Thanks and best wishes this holiday season!

FidosFlowers, Community Manager, Etsy


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