Royal Mail to offer eBay fast drop

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Royal Mail Group is investigating ways to improve its offering for business users, aimed specifically to make life easier for eBay sellers.

Currently they’re ensuring sellers are aware of business services such as online postage. In the next twelve months Royal Mail Group plans to support these customers by making it easy to produce postage labels printed with sellers own branding. The investment could also involve improving its online postage services to enable easier multiple label printing and at the same time will introduce a fast drop at a selected network of Post Office branches.

The fast drop off will drastically reduce the time taken to hand items over at the Post Office, in addition the fast drop will include an electronic certificate of posting for the items posted.

Royal Mail are currently in the US at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst to learn more about US marketplaces and how USPS serve their customers and eBay sellers in order to further improve Royal Mail services in the UK.

Royal Mail have really woken up to the business generated by eBay sellers and online merchants. Mike Orchard of Royal Mail said that they are “commited to exploring ways to streamline the process of getting products into the postal network as simply and efficiently as possible” for these sellers.

5 Responses

  1. One idea for the Royal Mail / Paypal plug in that people would find useful….

    Please make it possible to print multiple shipments and Postage stickers at once rather than have to enter each record in paypal one by one. By the time paypal loads a page, you can go make a cup of tea, and then the amount of click throughs.

  2. Goodness! This sounds very interesting….

    I wonder if it will actually work in practice? Or like PPI and collections, the minimums will leave out the small to medium sized seller ?

  3. I can’t see Post Offices accepting mail like this without endless grumbling. They’re not making anything on postage and they’re handling mail and slowing down the service to their own paying customers by doing it. Would you do this in your business?

  4. theory is ok but in practice royal mail is hobbled by the dinosaurs and the unions,
    trying to get the guerkins on the bottom of the royalmail pile to do anything new in this area is almost impossible

  5. I do dread sometimes going into Post Offices and explaining that ive pre-paid for the postage. Some dimwits dont have a clue and start weighing everything and begin printing out receipts and sticking things onto envelops that arent needed. You do feel like saying “just stamp these and throw that in the post bag, thanks”.


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