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Last week when the Buyer Preference to block bidders went live the second promised new buyer requirement, , was missing. It’s now live on the site.

Options are to block buyers with between 4 and 7 policy breaches within the last month or last 6 months. 4 policy breaches appears quite generous – there’s not a lot a buyer can do wrong apart from not pay, demand extras not included in the listing, or feedback extortion.

Although I’ve set this buyer requirement on my account at 4 reported policy in 6 months I’m not expecting it will block too many buyers. Quite honestly if a buyer has been reported more than 4 times I’d hope that they’d either modified their buying behaviour, or been kicked off the site.

3 Responses

  1. the Saints preserve us
    what a ridiculous and idiotic feature,
    just who dreams these up,
    its as if ebay has been used for this weeks
    Alan Sugars apprentice task

  2. Load of tosh anyway. I had a NPB turn around and say they are not paying the shipping price (as advertised in the auction) so I closed the UPI and gave them a strike. 2 days later I note they have appealed it and the strike is now removed – I am currently waiting for an explanation (and also confirmation that the fees will still be credited) from my PS account manager but not holding my breath.



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