Royal Mail failed to deliver due to strikes

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Royal Mail failed to meet 9 of its 12 services targets last year, according to watchdog Postwatch. Millie Banerjee, Chair of Postwatch, said that RM’s performance “was severely blown off course by last summer’s strikes”. Over the year, 85.2% of first class mail was delivered next day: the target was 93%. 97.8% of Special Deliveries were made on time: the target was 99%.

Postwatch go on to comment that the industrial action led to an overall reduction in the number of items processed by Royal Mail, as customers found other ways to communicate: this will have a knock-on effect on RM’s financial standing in future years. Daily mail volume is down from 84 million items to 80 million.

Stoke-on-Trent, which has had a series of local disputes between Royal Mail staff and managment, was the worst-performing postcode in the country for next-day first class deliveries, with Twickenham coming top.

4 Responses

  1. With all the ebay sellers being struck off ebay….The dear old post office will be able to deliver from now…as there will be alot LESS ebay mail. going out.

    Ebay should take the post office’s satisfaction ratings into account when having a go at it’s sellers..

  2. Having just been through all my recorded slips for the last 12 months, I can confirm that 6500 transactions and recorded postage at 0.70p ish a go, a total of 1540 parcels did not have tracking on line

    1540 x 0.70p = £1078 spent on a service I havent received

    I have taken the time to box it all up and its going to the claims department,

    The time to claim has been reduced to 12 months, from 2 years, you need the original orange slip (or photocopy your book) the full address and that’s it

    If everyone took up that challenge, maybe just maybe Royal Mail would get the signed for done.

    My RM account manager is an eBay seller, so she was mortified about this, saying what happens with INR claims from Paypal………….

    Im screwed was my answer

    Food for thought
    Suz x
    PS- And I havent calculated late losses yet – which are rumoured to be £5 per parcel compensation if not delivered within 5 working days………..

  3. As I am unfortunate enough to live in the ST postcode area, I made a decision a long tme ago to take all of my post to Manchester where I work from, but I still have to post from home on Saturdays.
    On many occasions, first class packets items I have posted on Monday in Manchester have arrived quicker thant those sent on saturday morning from Stoke.

    I’ve still got 4.9 for dispatch time though!


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