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EmPwrOnline has been advertising seminars in the media in the last month or so and I recently attended one of them in Brighton. Rather than providing ‘the secrets of proven eBay selling success’, they offered some basic and insubstantial eBay selling knowledge and then pitched a scheme whereby eager attendees could give away free websites to apparently eager eBay sellers and receive a commission when sellers upgraded to a paid-for website. This scheme, claimed the presenter, netted him an annual ‘six figure salary’ for a few hour’s work a day.

To find out more, attendees were encouraged to fork out £20 for a subsequent seminar and £10 monthly for access to a ‘portal’ that would help them promote the free websites they would be giving away on behalf of EmPwrOnline. My money stayed in my wallet and I certainly don’t advise anyone to waste their valuable time attending another of these seminars let alone shelling out for any of EmPwrOnline’s services.

I blogged about EmPwrOnline, and in just a short time there have been some interesting comments. But I’m keen to find out more: so I turn to TameBay’s illustrious community of readers. Have you had any dealings with EmPwrOnline? If so, please tell me about it.

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  1. If you want a real laugh Dan – then google for ‘ebay helpline’ and pick any one of the premium rate phone services you find !

    Like EmPwr – they wouldn’t exist if there were no ‘eejits’ users out there!

  2. get rich quick, pyramid schemes ,
    secret of an ebay powerseller/ be a powerseller schemes,
    win millions on the lottery /pools with our plan etc etc
    are all in the same pee pot as far as I am concerened.

    if those peddling them, knew anything ,or could do anything ,they would be doing it ,
    not trying to flog it to the gullible
    and the only time I would attend a seminar is if they paid me to attend

  3. though I would have no hesitation in recommending Dans book to those that are new to ebay, it could be the best few quid they will ever spend
    read it twice, then read it again
    there are some real good tips

  4. All the more reason for more eBay Uni’s, better material for Education Specialists in the UK, classes etc.

    The more educated the users the less buyers/sellers have problems. Makes sense and stops this rip off.

    *steam coming out of ears at rip off eBay seminars*

  5. stop clogging up ther bloody system with crazy rules. daft conditions. and barmy methods
    keep it simple and we would not need so much education

    the whole thing is barking, and over complicated
    I think ebays been had, by those that sell them these ideas, with a half cocked sales pitch

    item specifics are designed by the deranged, for use by the demented
    the best match search is suitable for no one and nothing ,other than data freaks and Statisticians ,not people that are looking for to spend money

  6. There are a number of these type “businesses” in the US. They advertise heavily (full page ads), use eBay’s name & promise the world. They usually promise to give attendees a free digital camera.

    The people who come listen to the presentation which ends up explaining that they need to spend more money to get a website set up.

    Sounds very similar to what you described. It’s sad to see how many people fall for this. And it’s usually those who can least afford it.

  7. Marlene, this one also promised a free digital camera (according to their ad), though they were going to charge for shipping and insurance, so you wonder how free “free” really is.

  8. Thanks for the heads up Dan I have a friend wanting to begin with ebay and I might well have suggested something like this to her – so great timing with the info.

    (I recommend your book highly too – said friend has a copy!)

  9. I gota say i went to their seminar today, thinkin you never know might be able to find a new supplier or two! It was RUBBISH!! n i mean RUBBISH! it was a pyramid scheme n a waste of my time! They wanted me to come to another seminar for £20 and were offering books for £20! i had a look at the book and it is good for those with no knowledge of Ebay but other its rubbish!!! If there was a get rich quick scheme dey wudnt tell us! lol 😈

  10. I went to the teaser & seminar and overall if it is something that is legit I think the concept is good but what I totally did not appreciate is their hard sell strategy.

    I decided to look into the “opportunity” at a later stage when I have the fee they required, not wanting to go into debt for this “once in a lifetime opportunity” knowing that these sort of companies usually always have other “special” deals. But they just contacted me and tried once again to sell me the package even though I told the salesman that I would look at it when I have the cash to invest and told him that I’m currently working on a business project. After a long drawn out conversation he basically criticised everything that I have achieved this last year with my business (just because I haven’t made millions with my own venture and am not willing to pay them the £3000 pounds or so to join) and told me that I would never be successful! I don’t believe that you can ever tell anyone that they won’t be successful and took great offence to what he said. Instead of leaving the conversation at the point where he might have won me at a later stage, I don’t think that I will ever consider looking at their company or “opportunity” again!

    Good luck to those who have or are going to sign up with them in the future but I won’t be one of them. I don’t like a hard sell, I don’t like not having the opportunity to research a company that I intend to fork out money for and I definitely don’t want to work with people who are as rude as the person I dealt with.


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