Amazon sales up 18% year on year

Amazon have just announced their financial results for the 1st quarter of 2009 with sales up 18% compared to this time last year. They also pointed out that if exchange rates hadn’t moved unfavorably sales would actually have been up 25%.

Net income increased 24% to $177 million which won’t upset share holders too much either.

Sales in North America increased by 21% but the star of the show is International performance with sales up 15%. International sale dragged down growth rates but if exchange rates hadn’t changed from this time last year International sales would have seen a 25% increase on last year.

If you’re not already selling on Amazon a growth rate of 25% should be shouting out that it’s time to start. The number of items shipped with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA – where Amazon store your products and ship them from Amazon’s own warehouses) is up 300% from last year. That demonstrates the extra sales aren’t all coming from Amazon’s own stock. A huge volume is coming from third party sellers.

Great news for sellers in the UK and Europe, although the recession is biting, both Amazon and eBay are growing faster this side of the Atlantic than they are in the States – The high street might be struggling but ecommerce is alive and kicking.

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Its great news. :) My sales on Amazon have done well. In fact with creative marketing my sales have done better than first expected. You are right, it is a great time time to get start selling on Amazon or eBay

Laura • 24th April 2009 •

we started trading on Amazon 4 months ago they are now worth double ebays sales, its easier to list and change prices etc.... Few stupid Q's from customers and NO ONE trys to negiotiate with you.

mark • 24th April 2009 •

It's very encouraging that Amazon sales are up, and it certainly seems that more and more eBay sellers are starting to fall in love with it. It will be interesting to see how they feel in 2 - 3 years time, as more and more sellers join and competition increases.

Lino • 24th April 2009 •

So why do we have Ebay shrinking and Amazon growing in terms of growth? Mark

Mark T • 24th April 2009 •

In my opinion because eBay started as a phenomenon and that momentum is now waning,

Jimbo • 24th April 2009 •

no 5 disagree Ebay lost it because they tryed to be someone else -amazon without having the tecnology, systems, or procedures in place. why shop at an inferior copycat site. also amazon gives buyers and sellers confidence where as Ebay does you never know what is going to happen and whereas amazon takes on fraud ebay/paypal run a mile

mark • 26th April 2009 •