April 2010 “Changes for sellers” timetable

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eBay have released updated expected timescales for the implementation of changes announced in February. Already launched are the category changes and the ability to choose how your pictures are watermarked.

By the 1st April P&P caps in Clothes will be introduced, Multi Variant listings will be available in more categories, the International Visibility upgrade will once again be available for fixed price listings (at a cost of 30p) and seller’s photos will start to appear in catalogue information.

The most important dates are the 1st PowerSeller evaluation (18th April) with the new qualification criteria – they’ll be an influx of new low volume PowerSellers who qualify for the first time, and the first standards evaluation (20th April) when you’ll either be above standard or you’re listings are likely to be demoted in search.

Finally on the 22nd April Business seller information is due to be inserted automatically into all Business seller’s listings, so make sure you’ve updated your contact information ready.

We’ll update you as we see the changes roll out, but in the mean time if you want to watermark your pictures with your eBay User ID instead of the camera icon (or if you’d rather no watermark because you already add one to your images) you can change your preferences by clicking “Add or remove options” in the pictures section of the Sell Your Item form.

In TurboLister you’ll need to download the latest updates and the options will then be at Tools>Options>Advanced Options>eBay Picture Services.

4 Responses

  1. Included at the bottom of the latest announcement was:

    ‘We initially announced that Good ‘Til Cancelled listings that have not had a sale for 16 months will automatically end. Since the announcement sellers have asked us not to end the listing but to instead notify them that the item has not been sold for 16 months and should be edited to attract buyers. We have now implemented this request’

    Funny that eBay should listen to sellers on this when the discussion seemed more about the mechanics of the process rather than the process itself.

    Shame really, I was hoping for a good clearout in my category.

    Perhaps eBay actually didn’t relish the dip in revenue that would result from all those ended GTC listings?

  2. This question has a very tenuous link to this article (ok, it doesn’t have a link at all!) but I can’t think of where else to ask it!

    There was another article under which Chris discussed a type of barcode wand that he uses – I wonder if anyone can remember which one it was or could point me to the original discussion? Cheers! 😛


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