TameBay Morsels – 21/04/2010

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Royal Mail services resumed

Royal Mail have reinstated the Special Delivery guarantee following the re-opening of UK airspace and resumption of flights. Items posted from Wednesday 21st and onwards are expected to be delivered with no further delays.

How one man beat the flight ban with eBay

One man who was stranded due to the volcanic ash cloud grounding flights turned to eBay for a solution. Trapped in Scandinavia he purchased a £900 car on eBay and drove back to the UK joined by fellow travellers who chipped in for some of the petrol for the 1200 mile journey. After 26 hours he made it home to Peterborough to be reunited with his pregnant wife and two children.

Sell more on Amazon white paper

If you sell or are thinking of selling on Amazon then ChannelAdvisor’s latest white paper is worth a read. Covering everything from how Amazon search works (which includes product information but does NOT include item descriptions), what format your product images need to be and how to craft the best product features (bullet points) and descriptions. It also explains how UPCs (Universal Product Codes), EAN (European Article Numbers) and ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers) are used by Amazon to identify a particular product and eliminate duplicate listings. You can download the white paper from the ChannelAdvisor website.

PayPal iPhone “Bump” Competition

If you have an iPhone why not enter the £5000 prize competition to create a “Bump video”. Simply film yourself paying a friend with PayPal by “bumping” your iPhones together and upload to YouTube or Vimeo for a chance to win.

Costco takes on Omega in the US

In the US Costco are taking Omega to court to win the right to sell discounted watches sourced on the secondary market. The case revolves around whether products shipped outside the US intended for sale on the International market can be re-imported and sold at a discounted price.

I don’t hate PayPal any more

A PayPal user thought she’d been ripped off when her phone bill turned up for £51.75 for calling the PayPal help line. Unfortunately she had been ripped off, but not by PayPal of whom she said “I hate you all from stealing from me“. She’d called a premium line telephone number for a company purporting to be able to assist with PayPal or eBay issues. PayPal not only assisted with her account problems but surprisingly covered the cost of her phone calls to put things right. Thankfully her latest post is titled “I don’t hate PayPal any more!”

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  1. Download the free info from channel advisor and then wait for the phone to ring 🙂 How juicy is that worm?


Prepare to leverage learnings on Prime Day

Prepare to leverage learnings on Prime Day

Amazon’s 10th Prime Day to be 16th-17th July 2024

Rithum Prime Day data and tips for 2024

SMB Advertising Spend - Motivations / Popular Channels / Challenges

SMB Advertising Spend – Motivations / Popular Channels / Challenges

Royal Mail domestic flights to be halved

Royal Mail domestic flights to be halved

Royal Mail Tracked now at Post Office branches nationwide

Royal Mail Tracked now at Post Office branches nationwide

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