Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal knickers up for sale on eBay

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With impeccable timing in the run up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a pair of what is claimed are her old knickers have surfaced on eBay. The vintage silk undergarment has a monogram of the Royal Crown with the initial script “E” underneath on the top left and a designed stitched going across the garment above it. There are also some floral stitched flowers on the Royal knickers.

The Royal Knickers come from the estate of Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi and whilst their provenance isn’t proven that they belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, the chances are that she did indeed leave them on a chartered plane used by her during her first trip to Chile in 1968. However both Buckingham Palace and the garment maker have neither confirmed or denied that this pair of underpants are from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

If you fancy a (and quite honestly why would anyone want them?), then this is probably your only opportunity to acquire a pair. Currently sitting at just over $4,000 the auction has just over a week left to run so it is likely that the bids will soar before they are eventually sold.

9 Responses

  1. Let’s hope eBay don’t get too jumpy, and in full Royalist fervour, attempt to take the Queen’s knickers down.

  2. Camilla will be ebay doing her ‘listings’ now…!!

    God help us all, if this catches on.

  3. Just had a look. Doesn’t say whether they’re clean or not. You’d think they’d tell you….

    The other thing is that they can’t guarantee that these are/were the Queen’s kit. Isn’t it forbidden on eBay to advertise stuff saying it ‘might be’, or ‘like’ – for example, ‘Trainers, Like Adidas’? Surely this is borderline on that ruling?



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