Coinstar: Loose change into PayPal top up

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Would you spend more with PayPal if you could empty the loose change from your pockets straight into your PayPal account? I think I would, my copper and 5p pot is bulging at the seams and it doesn’t seem right to inflict £5 worth of shrapnel on a shop keeper, not to mention the coins wearing holes in my trouser pockets.

CoinstarNow for some US citizens being able to top up PayPal with loose change is becoming a reality due to a partnership with Coinstar, a manufacturer of coin counting machines. Having trialled PayPal in the Dallas area, Coinstar are now starting a roll out in Texas, Northern California, and Ohio. If all goes well we could see the machines across the US in the coming months.

I would love to see a Coinstar PayPal top up facility at airports around the world – although charity collections might suffer I’d be first in line to gladly dump my last few foreign coins into my PayPal account rather than wandering around the $3 in my wallet as I have done in the past year waiting for the day I’ll make another trip across the Atlantic. As for the handful of coins I ended up returning from the States with… they’re currently mixed up with a few Euros and will probably never again see the light of day.

3 Responses

  1. Possibly but only if the coin machine doesn’t fleece you out of a % of the deposit, which the one in my local supermarket currently does, come to think of it I think it is a coin star machine…

    Otherwise it’s off to the bank.

  2. with the epidemic of charities and shop doorway beggers astonished anyone has loose change

  3. Use a supermarket that has the newer self service checkout machines with the coin hoppers.


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