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So you’ve still not got a website? Or perhaps you have a website and are struggling to get traffic to it? What about Amazon, would you like help getting your products listed across Amazon’s five EU marketplaces?

Introducing Amazon Jumpstart, a service from Amazon to get you selling faster and smarter and Amazon themselves will do a lot of the work for you!

Amazon are offering to help you prepare high-quality, high-impact listings for your Amazon Webstore that you can also use on Amazon Marketplace. Jumpstart is a service designed to help you start selling and they can help you create high quality, high impact product listings which benefit from all of Amazon’s eCommerce expertise, helping you to sell more sooner.

How Amazon Jumpstart Works

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Through Amazon Jumpstart, they can help up list your products on, on your own Amazon Webstore and on the 4 other Amazon European Marketplaces (,,,


With Jumpstart, it’s easy to upload your product details on Amazon and your own Amazon Webstore. Share with Amazon the electronic information that you have. Whether it is an excel sheet, a XML file, a text file or even the URL to your site. They’ll do the rest.


Finally, you need to upload your listings and push them live online on your chosen marketplace(s) and your Webstore. Jumpstart can help you in this final step too, and you will benefit from the expertise of Amazon’s highly-trained listing specialists to ensure a successful listing. They’ll need your consent before they can upload any listings to your seller account on your behalf though, because these listings are your product offerings.


Through Jumpstart, you will be up and selling on both Amazon and your own Webstore quickly and easily.

What does it cost?

You’ll need to have a minimum of 100 listings and costs start from 50p per listings dropping down to 40p, 30p or even 20p for higher numbers of listings. Store front creation starts at £79 for a Webstore design with your logo, text and image links.

You’ll also of course be billed for all normal Amazon fees, but then they’ll largely only apply when you’ve made a sale.

Is it for you?

If you’re already have all your products listed and successfully selling on Amazon and have a well performing ecommerce website this offer may not be right for you. But if your website isn’t preforming as well as you’d like (or if you don’t have one!) and you want to get started selling on Amazon in time for Christmas this looks like a great way to get started.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to get real experts to get your products listed on a marketplace and don’t forget that once they’re listed, if you use multichannel management software, you can synch them all and you’ll be then able to manage your stock and orders quickly and easily.

There’s more information about Jumpstart on the Amazon website and to get started, register your interest in Seller Central. Amazon will get back to you within two business days to discuss your needs.

5 Responses

  1. eBay need to offer this service – Amaxon just make it so easy to trade. They want your business. eBay just put hurdles, software changes and bugs in your way.

  2. I agree with Tony,
    It seems Amazon’s attitude towards it’s sellers is generally a more proactive and positive one.

    It does seem that eBay sellers tend to get the rough end of things in general, although the recent update seems a tiny bit more positive.

    Not sure if this is for everyone but it’s probably a good way to get started.


  3. Just this morning I am trying to list some auctions, and Turbo Lister just crashes constantly. I have narrowed it down to more than 3 pics it crashes. Do 2 pics at a time and its stable. I cant tell you how frustrating this is. Ebay are a multinational company, with billions of profit and they churn out this crappy software for their selling partners to list our stock. Its just not good enough. Instead of farting around moving fees around, get the basics right. We want lightning fast listing software that works.

  4. Ebay is rubbish. Totally trash can compared to amazon. All they do is refund buyers constantly and abuse smaller sellers and have there heads firmly up the backside of large corparate ones. Like they want ebay to be offering goods from 20 companies only.

    We have more or less given up on ebay.

    Its an unrewarding poor platform. With people who can win auction for 0.99p and make demands as if theyd spent £99.

    Ebay relies on deep discounts and hence results in poor profits unlike other platforms where we now sell more.

  5. People make out ebay is cheaper is compared to other platforms. I dont agree.

    Our ROI is much better on google ads although ebay will generate sales, all these sales are extremely low margin, hence i would argue in terms of profit to fees.

    Ebay isnt cheap at all. Add on top all the TRS hole and total one sided horse manure you need to take on ebay. Its hardly worth it.


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