PayPal Here van on tour in London, Surrey, Manchester and Brighton

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PayPal Here VanPayPal are hitting the road in their special PayPal Here van in October and November to promote their new PayPal Here product.

Chris and I met the guys who have developed this product up in Richmond a few weeks back and we like it. More than that, the folks at the helm are impressive and imaginative. The lead has been taken by a team in the UK (and they’ve worked with stealth) and it solves real business problems. PayPal Here is compelling evidence that behind the sphinx shell of eBay Inc., there are brilliant brains at work. It would be good to see much. much more of that.

We’ve written about PayPal Here already. It’s a very nifty handheld device which, when hooked up to your tablet or smartphone by bluetooth, means you can take card payments when you’re out and about. The unit itself costs £99 and normal PayPal fees apply. It’s much cheaper than other terminals and PDQ machines out there. There’s no contract or monthly fee.

So needless to say the PayPal folks will be out on the road bigging up PayPal Here.

You can find out where the van will be here. But here are some details.

Professional Beauty – 13th & 14th October (Manchester Central, Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX)
Real Food Market at Southbank – 25th & 26th October (Southbank Centre Square, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX)
Kew Village Market – 3rd November (Station Parade, next to Kew Gardens tube)
Tool Fair, Sandown Park – 7th & 8th November (Sandown Park, Portsmouth Road Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ)
Phex Plumbing and Heating Exhibition – 13th & 14th November (Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS)
Upper Gardner Street Market – 16th November (Upper Gardner Street Market, Brighton, BN1 4AN)
The Business Show – 28th & 29th November (London Olympia, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX)

15 Responses

  1. So just what exactly is the difference between the Paypal Here and the Worldpay Zinc, which appears to be half the price and seems to have roughly the same pricing deal?

  2. we already hace a mobile card payment machine that works just fine conects via any mobile network available including gps, not just the service your phone uses, buyers trust it gives them an instant paper receipt it can swipe their card etc etc .

    what’s the incentive to change. paypal here is new and untried and not that cheap

  3. It’s a bit like saying what’s the point of sending your 2kg+ parcels with Royal Mail – Surprising how many do because it works, it’s convenient, it’s easy, but not the cheapest. You could go mid-way and use a consolidator but you’d probably get better prices with a direct courier contract when you get big enough.

    Same with PayPal Here, of course if you shop around and get a merchant account with a bank and sign up for a card machine deal you might get a better pricing structure.

    However if you want something quick and easy that you can charge with a USB from any power source including your car cigarette lighter, are a new business starting out, want to take occaisional on the go card payments, not be tied to a contract and find it convenient to have all your payments in your PayPal account, it’s fantastic.

  4. has this been trialed in the wild, do buyers accept it ? do they trust it?
    what about signal problems? many trade fairs and outdoor events we attend your lucky to get a text on your mobile there is such a demand on the networks

  5. Hi,Chris How much are PayPal/Ebay/Amazon paying you!!!!

    Less of an info site more of a sales pitch site!!!!


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