Royal Mail officially announces Small Parcel size change

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Royal Mail have at last officially announced the new Small Parcel sizes.

From today customers will be able to send items such as clothing, shoes and small electrical items through their new deeper Small Parcel format measuring 35cm x 25cm x 16cm. To date items of that size have been classed as a Medium Parcel.

The new deeper Small Parcel size will be in addition to the existing wider Small Parcel format measuring to 45cm x 35cm x 8cm. The change applies to consumers, small non-contract business and franking customers. The price change will, according to Royal Mail, ensure that they offer the cheapest price in the market for shoe box size parcels of up to 1kg in weight.

There’s no indication that the new sizes will ever be available for contract customers, but to be honest Royal Mail’s Tracked offerings probably make more sense for those shipping in volume anyway.

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said: “Royal Mail has responded to feedback from customers and stakeholders to enable customers to send a greater range of items through our Small Parcels format. Royal Mail will continue to respond to changing customer needs and support the growth of the UK parcels market. Royal Mail constantly engages with its customers, will continue to do so and may propose further changes in the future to meet customer and market requirements and remain competitive“.

This is going to make things interesting for other carriers, many of whom upped their prices earlier in the year when Royal Mail changed their size formats. Obviously too many parcels have been going to the competition so laying down the gauntlet and stating that they offer the cheapest price in the market for show box sized parcels up to 1kg demonstrates that they’re determined to win the business back.

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  1. Well according to my post office this is not yet live and they have only received a brief memo about the change I still had to pay usual ridiculous prices

  2. Same at our local post office also sick of being ask whats in my pacage when the shops full of people no privacy booth and a obnoxious assistant ill be using another carrier from now on

  3. Great now all they have to do is get the tracking working for Recorded Delivery. If they don’t know how, have a word with Collect+..

  4. I saw the size of the reference box in my local Post Office yesterday. It’s huge! You could get a serious pair of boots in one and have lots of room left over.

  5. The new size on a small parcel is good news but when I saw the box they use for a template at the PO today it seems much bigger than the new 35 25 16 cm stated above, am I right, is this box bigger?

  6. Well I was sending paints with Royal Mail in this size range and I received a letter yesterday saying I can’t post them with Royal Mail anymore paint is class as dangerous goods. That’s £40-£70/day they’ve lost from me.

    Need to find the cheapest courier possible now.

    If anyone knows who the cheapest is, any help would be appreciated

  7. Also, kind of off topic. IA while back I saw a link on here to a more detailed royal mail tracking page. I can’t find the article now. Does anyone have a link for it?


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