eBay promise 8am deliveries for everyone!

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Have you checked what eBay are displaying to your customers when they purchase from you? If you check your buying history on eBay you’ll find that eBay are not only giving an estimated delivery day, but they’re also expecting every courier and Royal Mail to delivery by 8am in the morning.

eBay estimated delivery time

I’ve checked countless items on various eBay User IDs and it doesn’t seem to matter whose account it is (Thanks Stuart for the screenshot), or which courier and delivery service is selected. All items are estimated to arrive at breakfast time.

We’re crossing our fingers that this won’t lead to a rash of eBay defects from buyers asking where their item is because it’s now gone 9am, just for the postie to turn up at lunch time. Hopefully it’s just a short term glitch and eBay will remove the estimated 8am delivery time and revert to just guessing the date.

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  1. This latest move by eBay to second guess what time EVERY day ALL the postmen in UK deliver is beyond ridiculous!!! My postman arrives earliest 11:30 and dependent upon his delivery load that can stretch to 14:00!!! How can eBay judge ME and threaten my premium service, top rated seller status on such an unrealistic whim!!! There is no end to the tricks and no treats eBay will resort to to claw back their discounts on fees. It would be far less stressful if eBay just stopped the ‘discounts’ and let sellers do THEIR best rather than introducing impossible targets which rely on OTHERS, not the sellers to achieve.

  2. We have checked many of ours, and we are not seeing the time, just the Estimated delivery date.

    Would be interesting to see how many sellers account are affected.

  3. I saw this and laughed. However, my postie knows to deliver to me between 8am and 9am or he will miss me. As I have stuff come through the post pretty much everyday I am well known 🙂

  4. Ive just checked my purchases over the last two days and it appears that this estimated time (8.00am) only shoes on items where 1t class shipping has been selected, my 2nd class shipments just show estimated day, no time, just the 1st class ones do.
    I hope this is nothing more than a glitch because as we all know very very few people get any deliveries before 8am anymore (the days of the post been there before you leave for work are long gone!), if its not a glitch then how do Ebay justify giving sellers information which is downright false and in no way adds to the “buying experience” which as we are all aware is all they seem to bang on about these days.

  5. I doubt many buyers would notice it and certainly not kick off because of it. Yes of course there could always be the odd drama queen / professional whinger but nothing worth getting too concerned about I would say.


  6. I don’t see a buyer thinking this is a message from eBay, I feel they will think it is a message from the seller.

  7. Just searched for our bestseller on eBay and noticed it says fast and free delivery is available and you will receive on Monday!
    This is incorrect, we have set up a 2pm cut off and it should arrive Thursday as the actual listing states.

    I reported to eBay who’s technical team agree and are looking at it. You might want to check your listings, not sure if this may be connected to the above or just me!

  8. Royal Mail aim to deliver 93% of fist class post the next day. So 1 in 15 items will be delivered after the estimated date. ebay should give a date range for first class, not attempt to give a time for delivery.

  9. Dear eBay ID,

    Your seller will not personally deliver your item on a guaranteed date. Please don’t leave him malicious feedback because you assumed that he had control of the delivery network. Your delivery time is an estimate and not guaranteed when you choose the free delivery option. First class mail also has a delivery estimate of 1-15 working days, so don’t assume it will arrive tomorrow.

    As winter is approaching, adverse weather will affect your delivery times, again the seller has no control over disruption to the transport network. If your town is surrounded by miles of flood water, Royal Mail will have difficulty delivering your item, again, do not blame the seller for delaying your item.

    eBay has decided to block DSR ratings for delivery times during poor weather conditions. Any feedback which refers to delivery speed will be removed at the seller’s request.

    Thank you for shopping at eBay and making it a fair trading environment for all.


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