Amazon to hire 1000 on permanent contracts

Amazon have announce 1000 new jobs at their fulfilment centres in the UK, expanding their current workforce which currently sits at around 6000 employees.

With an investment of over £1 billion in its UK Operations, Amazon have already added 2000 to their payroll in the last two years at eight large fulfilment centres spread around the UK. Their warehouse workers now work four ten-hour shifts per week meaning they benefit from three days off every week. Plus fewer visits to work saves both travel time and money for their workers.

Amazon say that worker get an average starting pay of of £7.39 per hour, up to £8.90 per hour after 24 months and after one year, stock grants which over the past five years have added an average of 12% to base pay annually. Other benefits for permanent employees include private medical insurance, a company pension plan, life assurance, income protection and an employee discount.

Amazon last year employed an additional 15,000 seasonal workers for the Christmas period. It’s usual that a percentage of these seasonal workers will be those who find themselves with a permanent job after the peak holiday season.

If you use Amazon FBA these are the workers who will be picking, packing and shipping your orders over the coming months.

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WOW!!! I don't know why we all slog our guts out running online businesses when we can all go and work for Amazon. Look at the fantastic benefits: Starting salery is above minimum wage and then after spending two years of being expected to fill 70+ orders each hour by running a mini marathon each shift (average distance each "picker" travels is something like 7 miles a shift), you get a 12% benefit - and whats even better is that after all that you will also be well fit! And you even get a staff discount, brilliant!! Why do we bother? Work for Amazon, much easier, healthier, and stress free - what could be better? Sign me up now!! (smokers probably need not apply) :)

Steve • 14th October 2014 •

7 miles in a shift? Am I incorrect in assuming a shift will be 7hrs or more? On that assumption that's 1mph or less... not that difficult to be honest. 70+ orders an hour is not a great deal of picks either. Within an automated environment such as amazon's warehouses where everything is designed with speed and efficiency in mind, I would expect nothing less than 2 picks a minute. I have worked in these environments (not amazon I must add) for 8 years, and the work is easy, automated and a great way to be on your feet for a living without being over strenuous. The rate of pay stated for Amazon is reasonable for a basic warehouse job that doesn't require experience and £8.90 after 2 years is very good pay. What I've seen on TV (Panorama etc) and in news articles, Amazon's employment policies are not as bad as it's made out to be. I'm more concerned with Amazon's reluctance to pay taxes in the UK.

Robert C • 14th October 2014 •

I especially like the bit about 4 10 hour shifts per week and the benefits of 3 days off per week and less travel time etc. Why not 2 x 20 hour shifts per week. Then not only can you have 5 days off per week(and possibly even fit in another full time job) but think about the greatly increased savings on travel time and travel cost.

Chris T • 14th October 2014 •

1 mile an hour may not seem much but add 70 picks an hour and its an issue (70 picks is the minimum expectation, many do 90, but less than 70 and you get a warning, and quickly fired). Plus many work nights. Robert, can you do that? Personally I would not get out of bed for a job like that but for those who do it aint no leisurely "mile an hour" stroll. Mind you, they do get paid at least £1 above minimum wage! Woop Woop :)

Steve • 17th October 2014 •