Last eBay WOW weekend before Christmas

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eBay have another “” weekend of deals and there’s still time to order before Christmas. If you’re looking for that last minute Christmas present it’s not too late to order online.

Note 3Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Yes we know that the Samasung Galaxy Note 4 is out now, we also know it’ll cost you considerably more than the previous Note 3 model. This is the smartphone I currently use and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Big enough to be called a phablet, it’s still small enough to comfortably live in my front jeans pocket and certainly it’ll slip into any jacket breast pocket or handbag. The big advantage is that this is one smartphone which really does have a big enough screen to browse the web and with the stylus I’ve even on ocaision written and published the odd Tamebay post using it.

If you want to have a mini computer in your pocket at all times as well as a cracking smartphone, leave the tablet at home and grab the on today’s deals.

Minnie Mouse NightieMinnie Mouse Girls’ Red Nightdress Age 4-5

We know that Frozen is the “in” thing this year, but honestly you can’t go far wrong with a classic Minnie Mouse nightie for a young girl. Minnie, along with Mickey, is the one Disney character which will never go out of fashion.

The night dress is for kids aged four to five years old and comes with cutsie Minnie Mouse ears headband to complete the outfit. At just , it’s affordable as a last minute stocking filler and should be a sure fire way to get your youngster ready for bed so that you can enjoy a quite glass of wine while you watch the Christmas night repeats on the telly box!

Bluetooth Shower SpeakerWaterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you’re still struggling for a present for the person that’s got everything then this would be the perfect gift and also won’t break the bank. Stream music from any Bluetooth device to this waterproof shower speaker. Listen while you shower plus this speaker lets you answer phone calls as well.

I’m not quite sure how many people I’d want to speak to while I’m in the shower, or in fact if I’d be able to hear them above the sound of the water, but if that’s your thing then make the shower one less place that you’re without your mobile and buy the including carriage.

Socket Set94 Piece Socket and Screwdriver Set

You can never have too many socket sets and screwdrivers. They’ve a habit of disappearing and you can guarantee that if you’ve lost just one socket it’ll be the size you need for the job in hand. Plus if you’re like me you got a set way before the days of plastic carry cases and the sockets are all rolling around at the bottom of the tool box covered in grease and grime and it’s time to get a new set.

This Chrome Vanadium has just about every different shaped screwdriver bit you’ll ever need, not to mention standard 1/4″ and 1/2″ sockets plus a few larger deep sockets and spark plug sockets.

Word of warning, if you want this one with guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas make sure you upgrade the postage.

Vax Window VacVax Window Vac

You’ve seen them on the tv adverts and always wondered if they’re as good as they say they are – Now’s your opportunity to find out. The cordless rechargeable Vax Window vacuum is supposed to make cleaning your windows a breeze and leave them dry and without streaks. Not so messy and way quicker than traditional window cleaning methods, I’ve yet to try one of the window vacs so if you have let us know if it’s any good.

Don’t buy your partner one of these for Christmas! They really won’t thank you for it, not unless they’ve a clean window fetish and you’ve also bought them something very expensive for their main present. But at
I’m tempted to buy one if anyone thinks they’re any good?

3 Responses

  1. WOWEE!! anything like the last WOW i won’t get too excited. Great for outlet sellers i’m sure. My ebay tap still turned to drip drip drip, worst December sales i can remember. Always look on the bright side, poor sales = less INR claims, now that’s WOW.

  2. Give me socks or a jumper anyday, now thats what I’ve always wanted!

    And BTW: After 6 years, this is my best trading December in the past 4 years

    Long live the Revolution!! 😉


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