Amazon start selling physical goods in Mexico

Amazon have launched Amazon Mexico (found at

Up until now Amazon Mexico had only sold Kindle eBooks, but they’ve opened up to now sell the wide assortment of physical good we expect from Amazon in the UK, including: Baby; Sports and Outdoors; Electronic, Tools and Home Improvement; Home and Kitchen; Books; Music; Movies and TV; Watches; Health, Beauty, Personal Care; Software; and Video Games. The very first product sold on Amazon Mexico was a Fire Emblem Amiibo.

As well as seller accounts for Mexico, Amazon are also launching Amazon Mexico FBA to enable sellers to easily fulfil orders leaving Amazon to take care of the in-country logistics. Bear in mind that if you self-fulfil, Amazon will expect you to have a Mexican return address for returns and warranty service.

Mexico has seen ecommerce growth of around 30% in the last couple of years and this shows no signs of slowing down. Comscore reports online sales in Mexico of $9.2 billion in 2013 which jumped to $12.2 billion in 2014.

It would appear that Amazon have unified accounts for selling into Mexico. Currently we know that a seller registering to sell in Mexico will be able to sell on and from the same account. We’re *awaiting confirmation but believe that if you already have a North American Amazon unified account that you’ll be able to sell in Mexico from the same account.

We’ve also heard that ChannelAdvisor are the first multi-channel management provider to have integrated Amazon Mexico, so if you’re a ChannelAdvisor customer they’ll be able to help you get set up.

Latin America is a growth area for ecommerce and is growing way faster than the ecommerce average. If you’re interested in rapid expansion, adding Amazon Mexico to your selling portfolio makes real sense, especially if you already sell on and already have a unified North American Amazon account.

*Edited to add:

We’ve had it confirmed by Amazon that if you already have an or .ca account you have the option to unify your account for North America which means you’ll also be able to sell on Amazon Mexico.

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I have a unified .com account and Mexico isn't on there. Will be getting to Amazon to see if can add I already have all of our products translated into Spanish on Amazon Spain so adding on Mexico seems a no brainer Bryn

Bryn • 2nd July 2015 •

Maybe you will have to adjust the prices of your goods being sold in Mexico.

George Fung • 11th July 2015 •