Zenstores eliminates cut & paste shipping labels

Since we mentioned Zenstores a few days ago, we’ve heard from a ton of readers who either already use the solution or who have signed up and already love it.

We’ve asked Thomas Palmer, Zenstores CEO, to tell us how they got started and how Zenstores could help your business. Here’s what he had to say:


The days of copy & pasting are over. Zenstores connects eBay, Amazon and the best delivery networks to save you time dispatching orders.

How it started

Tom & Rob started selling from a garage. This is where Zenstores grew from.

In 2008 Rob (one of the Zenstores cofounders) and I made the decision to start selling online. We were both unemployed at the time and pursuing work in landscape photography, our goal was to sell prints online in order to fund the photography projects we were both working on.

The plan worked, to a point. We sold on eBay, Amazon and had several Magento stores, the day to day grind of selling online is ridiculous and was a massive drain on time and energy. Pretty soon a normal day consisted of two things Getting orders out of the door and keeping on top of customer enquiries. That was it. There was just two of us and the business grew to a point very quickly where we could not keep up.

The software available to help streamline these tasks was disappointing, expensive and bloated with features that we did not need or already had better more specific tools in place for doing the job. For a small company a simple piece of software to help us manage this demand did not exist. Luckily we both have a background in programming so we started work on solving these problems ourselves and with that the first version of Zenstores was born.

What is our mission?

Starting your own business I think is an amazingly brave thing as you’re breaking away from the norm and deciding to forge your own path. As an online seller you have to deal with a lot, from disputes with buyers to simply keeping on top of shipping your orders each day. Its tough.

Our goal with Zenstores is to help take the strain by providing easy to use software that saves you time on repetitive day to day tasks like dispatching orders. By doing this we hope to give small business owners more time and headspace to focus on what really matters to them.

A customer contacted me recently to thank me saying that since joining Zenstores he now gets home from work one hour earlier each day and because of this he can now spend more time with his children during the week, something that before Zenstores was not possible. This makes me incredibly proud to be a part of something that is having a positive impact on a lot of people’s lives.

What does Zenstores do?

In Zenstores you’ll see a live stream of orders from all of your sales channels, there’s no need to manually import. You can print shipping labels in bulk in a few clicks, as well as customisable invoices, integrated labels and picking and packing slips. You can also mark orders as dispatched and update tracking details for all of your sales channels in bulk.

There are advanced features such as the ability to merge orders with the same address into one shipment. Zenstores also supports integrated labels for Royal mail DMO (As far as we know they’re the only solution capable of this).

Integrations and Support

As well as a host of other features there is support for: eBay; Amazon; Magento and Shopify. Coming soon is support for WooCommerce; Etsy; and OpenCart. Courier support includes: Royal Mail DMO; Royal Mail PPI; myHermes; Yodel; APC; and NetDespatch.


A free trial of 100 shipments (with no time limit) is available so that you can give Zenstores a try for shipping orders. Then there are plans including:

  • Free All of your orders in one place
  • £25 / month ship 5000 orders per month from Zenstores
  • £50 / month ship 15,000 orders per month from Zenstores
  • Contact Zenstores for pricing 15,000+ shipments per month
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We've been using Zenstores for the last couple of weeks. We're using Yodel and APC (through Netdespatch) as our main couriers, it really does save a ton of time when it comes to creating labels and automatically updating shipping info. I can't recommend this solution highly enough.

Nick • 23rd October 2015 •

Pity the lowest price point is £25/5000 orders per month. Why not do annual fees of say £60 for 1000 orders per year and £120 for 5000 orders per year? This would draw in more SME's.

Gary • 23rd October 2015 •

I just wanted to say that £25 per month is exceptionally cheap for this amazing software. I was using Channelgrabber for 2 years and it cost me £85 per month and if I wanted to add another channel they wanted £15 extra per channel.i have 5 channels with Zenstores which works out to be £5 per channel. Zenstores saves me at least 20-25 hours per month in labour which equates to around £180 in labour. Hats off to Tom and Rob for offering such a great value solution for the small companies. Regards Pete

Peter Barker • 23rd October 2015 •

As a small online business we wanted to integrate with Royal Mail's DMO system as cheaply as possible to take advantage of the 2D barcode system and using Zenstores has proved to be cost effective and simple without the need for any new label printers. The system is easy to use and saves us time and effort in processing our Ebay and Amazon orders. Tom and Rob are great - very friendly and helpful with fast response to queries. Highly recommended!

Maxine • 24th October 2015 •

A Simple question...I need to export my orders to Microsoft word from Paypal notification. Is this feature available with this software as at present I cut and past all my orders from Hotmail to word

Derek Duval • 25th October 2015 •

Hi Derek, are you manually printing sticky address labels from MS Word? There's an option in Zenstores to export orders to avery style labels, I've never personally used it, but I'd say it would work fine.

Nick • 26th October 2015 •

Hi We copy and paste address and sales title into a word blank document from the paypal notification..Note we do this so the daily order can be emailed to partner who prints and dispatches the order In our sme i do all admin and stock control my partner does dispatch

derek duval • 26th October 2015 •

I wonder if you could set up a remote printer at their end, then you could simply print the invoices/labels directly out at their location. An alternative would be to print everything to PDF and then email to them to print out?

Chris Dawson • 26th October 2015 •

Hi Chris thx for your reply, being honest printing invoices and labels dosent work for us...the only method that works is a cut and paste into word which can be printed by by partne. Ive been looking for software for ages to do this....Cant believe such a simply function is not included in everyday online software. Maybe I will have to write the software myself...A gap in the market :-)

derek duval • 26th October 2015 •

Can't believe you are cutting and pasting. Have you never heard of a csv file, download it, mail to your partner and they can mail merge or just simply print the labels straight from it. Theres no need to write any software, like you say this simple fuction is already on your computer, but for some reason are not using it.

Peter King • 27th October 2015 •

Cannot PayPal PrintMaster do this https://www.pppm.co.uk/

ajm • 26th October 2015 •

We have not used PrintMaster, however eBay rules state that the item ordered must go to the address shown within the order. Now the problem is that the eBay address, and the PayPal address can differ.

PayPalUser • 26th October 2015 •