Amazon promise the slowest delivery ever!

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On Black Friday like millions of other shoppers I bought a couple of items online. One of the products I purchased was from Amazon and although it was in the Black Friday Deals, it was labelled as out of stock. I wasn’t that worried, Christmas was a month away.

delivery-etaThen I got a notification from Amazon, they told me that the product had shipped and gave me the due date. Monday came with no delivery. Tuesday came and went too and then I double checked the delivery notification. This has to be a bit of a record, the delivery is expected on Monday the 9th of January. That’s 2017, next year but the item status changed to “Dispatched”.

If anyone can tell me where you can find a courier that’ll take that long from pick up to delivery I’d love to know. Seven weeks to complete a delivery after dispatch has got to be a bit of a record (or more likely a rare mistake on Amazon’s part).

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  1. You’ll most likely have it by tomorrow.
    We’re still awaiting 2 orders from June, that are still out of stock

  2. Seven weeks is probably quicker than Amazon Seller Support current response time. A couple of hours used to be the norm, maybe 24 hours for something a bit more complicated but now seller support is virtually non existent with the daily holding emails of, “We are looking into your issue with high priority and will contact you if any additional information is required.

    We understand that this is an urgent issue so we are working hard to provide a prompt resolution.

    Thank you for selling with Amazon.”

    It seems Amazon has decided they can treat their third party sellers like crap and they won’t leave so why waste money on support.

    That and buyers seeming to have caught on to the fact that Amazon customer service just automatically refund FBA orders normally without return for the most trivial reason without any attempt to resolve it. Well it isn’t Amazon’s stock so why should they care?

  3. Additional you can calculate with a walkout of Amazon labor force during Christmas. At least in Germany it happens every year at Christmastime.

    But maybe you will get it even a little earlier. We tell our customers 2-3 working days delivery time, to not disappoint them and get positive feedback, when we make it in one day. So maybe Amazon is doing the same and will deliver on 07 Jan already. Give them a chance!

  4. I ordered a CD pouch, which had a two month delivery time, where the delivery window was… no not a specific hour, not even a specific day, its had between Oct 15th and Nov 14th and still arrived two weeks after that date! Imported from China… now that is snail mail. And yes I too had the despatched notification just a day after making the order.


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