Lengow attack the B2B market with Amazon Business and Cdiscount Pro

Lengow has worked with over 3600 online retailers trading Business to Consumer (B2C) since 2009. Responding to new market trends, the platform is now complementing their service by offering online retailers the opportunity to trade on Europe’s biggest Business to Business (B2B) marketplaces. Lengow users will now be able to integrate with Amazon Business and Cdiscount Pro.

According to Forrester, B2B ecommerce is expected to exceed $1 trillion dollars by 2020 on the US market. The Office for National Statistics valued the UK B2B market at £96.5 billion in 2015, and Frost & Sullivan anticipate that by 2020 B2B ecommerce, driven by marketplaces, will make up almost 30% of the global market.

Many ecommerce platforms have adapted the traditional B2C marketplace format in order to offer services that cater to business-specific needs. These platforms give retailers the opportunity to showcase their products in a marketplace tailored to accommodate their B2B transactions: Amazon Business, Cdiscount Pro, Alibaba, and Staples.

Lengow has expanded its services to offer ecommerce businesses the opportunity to increase their onIine B2B sales.This new partnership not only opens up new distribution channels for online retailers, but also creates a range of business advantages including wholesale prices, quotation management and payment terms.

“By offering access to the B2B market, we are enabling our clients to reach a new audience of B2B buyers. Retailers who choose this new option will be able to sell on B2B marketplaces with ease and at no extra cost.”
– Mickael Froger, CEO of Lengow

Lengow continues to build further partnerships with other B2B platforms and is open to other collaborations in this fast-growing market.

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