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There are a few of recurring questions we get at Tamebay HQ – “Where can I get someone to do my listings”, “My account has been limited who can help me” and “I’m an existing business and know I need to embrace marketplaces, how do I get started“.

Now Bzar have set up just to help companies with these challenges – already experienced marketplace sellers, they offer a range of services from managing your existing marketplace shops (or setting a new one up for you) to selling your products on their own marketplace accounts and just sending you orders. Best of all, they work on a results basis so you only pay if you get orders.

I spoke to Rebecca Howarth from Bzar to find out more:

Who are Bzar?

Bzar are marketplace experts. We provide managed services for people who want to sell through eBay and Amazon via our own top rated seller accounts, by creating customer owned branded stores, or by managing our customers’ existing stores.

Bzar was born out of a supply chain background. We recognised that many of our customers were struggling to find profitable solutions for what to do with their unsold or out of season stock. Rather than leave potential profit sitting in the warehouse, we created stores on eBay and Amazon which resulted in thousands of additional sales and cost savings in warehouse fees.

Most of our customers fall into some key categories

  • Wholesalers and retailers that want a direct route to market but cannot be seen to sell direct or do not have the infrastructure or expertise to approach the problem themselves.
  • Customers with stock to sell but are potentially restricted by seller, category or item limits or have had their account temporarily suspended.
  • Companies who are looking to grow their offering but do not want to front the cost for expensive internal resource or are struggling to find expertise. We provide a cost effective solution to this.

Tell us about your new service?

Ultimately Bzar provide three key functions: resource, expertise and an easy route to market.

  • Route to marketplaces in UK and internationally through our own top rated stores on Amazon and eBay or by creating your own branded store.
  • Management of existing stores, including helping grow seller limits and positive seller ratings.
  • Data creation. Both the creation of gold standard listings and optimisation of existing listings.
  • Customer service. We can manage all your customer service needs including in marketplace communications and phone and email support.

We aim to make make the process ridiculously simple for our customers so they can concentrate on the big stuff.

Why would someone use Bzar over competitors?

We work on an all gain, no pain promise, meaning if your product doesn’t sell, you don’t pay. This allows customers who are perhaps unsure if marketplaces are for them or have stock but don’t want the upfront costs to get moving without huge risk. We can offer a whole managed service solution or alternatively just chunks of it, we’ll work with our customers to provide a bespoke solution designed for their needs.

We’ve been on our customers’ side of the fence. We have lived and understand the frustrations and barriers to marketplace selling (resource, expertise, buying teams, competitor saturation etc.) We wanted to take our knowledge and experience and use it to empower other brands to utilise these incredibly fast growing and exciting channels.

What would your ideal customer look like?

We don’t have a Mr Right. We will work with companies with no experience of these channels, to those that are already selling but need extra resource or a helping hand to get growing or shift stock.

Our experience is broad; home, garden, fashion, accessories, we’re not fussy as long as the stock is good. What is a must is that the company has a stock holding solution in place as we do not offer this service, yet.

Which marketplaces do you support or integrate with?

At the moment we focus on selling via eBay and Amazon, we offer across border selling as well.

What else would you like to tell Tamebay’s readers?

One of the key concerns that gets raised is what happens if one of our stores gets restricted or temporarily suspended? It’s a fair query. Whilst of course we hope this never happens, we have multiple stores to mitigate this risk and also a close direct relationship with eBay and Amazon.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy working with us, we keep things simple and our UK based team of specialists produce results. Our payment structure means there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose in investigating a relationship with us.

Contact Bzar

Bzar headquarters is: Bzar, Wortley Moor Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4JH

You can contact them on +44 (0) 1942 210 910S, via email at [email protected] or direct via the Bzar website.


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