eBay remove last On-Time delivery protections for Royal Mail services

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eBay have started emailing sellers telling them that from the 31st of July 2017, they will be removing late delivery rate protection on Royal Mail transactions. After this date they will no longer automatically register Royal Mail transactions as delivered on time.

The change only affects Royal Mail Signed For (both for 1st Class & 2nd Class) and Special Delivery. These were the last remaining tracked Royal Mail services eBay were offering protection for, eBay stopped the protection for Tracked 24 and 48 services back in January of this year.

eBay explain that they have been ensuring that certain Royal Mail transactions don’t affect your late delivery rate metric due to issues receiving up-to-date tracking information. They say that they have now resolved the tracking issue and will rely on Royal Mail tracking data to determine if an item was dispatched and delivered on time.

As with all Royal Mail tracking, you should have no problem getting an automatic on-time delivery if you despatch your items at a Post Office. However if you have a Royal Mail collection then your postie will likely scan a barcode on a wall poster for your entire collection – if you send Signed For or Special Delivery items we’ll be interested to hear if you see acceptance scans being passed to eBay or if you have to rely on doorstep scans when your items are delivered.

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  1. I have a daily collection and the Postie does indeed scan the RM / FIR bar code on the wall and also the bar code on my manifest. He does not scan the bar codes on my signed for or special delivery books, but takes the duplicate sheet from the SD book.
    How can i check if any of these are uploaded to Ebay ? I do add the tracking numbers to each relevant sale.

  2. Absolute hogwash, we have had ongoing issue of items not turning up on time and this going against us on the metric (we were using standard 2d bar coding). We have now reverted back to not using the 2d bar coding and sending them without proof of delivery.

  3. We send a lot of signed for items on ebay, it is HIGH risk platform and and we send nearly everything large letter. Any tracking is uploaded anyway but they still mark it as late.
    This will hinder us a lot, nearly 90% of our items that are signed for get a late delivery, people not in etc, it is a waste of time trying banging your head against a wall with these companies like eBay.
    People should take legal action if they can prove you have dispatched on time and RMG are the issue, and ebay effect your business with there stupid systems.
    It is just yet another blow, we used to do a fair volume on eBay but that has been is such a decline it will kinda finish us. Amazon banging up their fees in August also I think we have run our course in the UK now. These 2 US multi nationals have way to much control over smaller business in the UK.

  4. I no longer update Ebay with tracking information and my LDR has gone down

    The only reason that my LDR increased was RM telling Ebay items were late. Out of 12 items delivered late only one customer reported it was late.

    Customers do not need to see tracking info, it is of no help to them.

    Ebay also mark your item as posted late “Transactions that weren’t dispatched on time:” – this is TOTALLY wrong, here is an example

    Buyer purchased on Monday 12th June, item was posted on the same day, even though it was not due to be posted until the next day.

    Buyer collected item from the post office, due to not being in, on Saturday, 17. Jun – Delivery message COLLECTION RECORDED

    Ebay shows the item in “Transactions that weren’t dispatched on time:” and “Tracking indicates late delivery”

    Buyer gave feed back of “Great service, quick delivery”

    Since not giving trtacking information our LDR has gone down and will go down further.

    Is there a downside to not giving the info? Not that I have found.

  5. Ebay and Paypal still very much in league with each on freezing sellers funds for no reason other than their amended terms and conditions say they can keep hold of sellers money without explanation and then Paypal lend it out on over night markets at sellers expense …Ebays shares have plummeted 68p down to 34p as sellers flock to Amazon …….then you have the private auction scam where Ebay allows sellers to cloak shill bidding by blanking out bidders identity this is proven to be the case as bidders identity’s is already hidden when abbreviated and scrambled so why is a private bidding needed I tell you why to prevent buyers from seeing shill bidding I rang Ebay said to them look at Message I had received regarding boat engine from seller clearly stating seller was bidding up her item to get a better price still Ebay left item which sold £250 more as seller had run up bids ………Ebay policies stink I use amazon now …Ebay former shell of its self my spending now fallen from 28k a year to barely 2k ..Amazon however spending loads on

  6. We post all items same day RM Tracked 48. Ive seen a large spike in ebay stating items did not arrive on time. When I investigated, it appears I was penalised by ebay on many occassions because the buyer was not in, and collected the parcel some days later. They seem to take the delivery scan on the day the buyer collects their parcel….this is wrong. If the buyer is not in, how can that be my fault.

    What a stupid system ebay is operating….they are trying to penalise sellers for things that buyers dont care about. From having 0% late we now have 1.67% in one month, and we posted everything on time….


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