Etsy phone customer support to extend hours to 24/7

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As part of an online Q&A, which you can read in full here, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman has announced that Etsy phone customer support will be moving to a 24/7 basis in 2018.

Phone support has currently rolled out on Etsy so it’s 24 hour Monday to Friday. But it looks like it will now be available on the weekends too, with other support options coming along soon too.

Silverman said in response to a user that developments are coming to Etsy phone customer support: “I am committed to delivering world-class Member Support, which these days must include real-time access to help (by phone or live chat, for instance). Over the past few months we have been making investments to significantly expand access to more support channels, and these investments are already starting to bear fruit. We introduced English-language phone support back in 2013, and I’m excited to say we just expanded it to 24-hours, five days a week.

That’s in addition to the phone support we offer on Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 6pm US ET. (To request phone support, visit We’re getting ready to move to full 24/7 phone support early next year. We’ll also experiment with new support channels in 2018. For instance, you may see new offerings like live chat as we work to bring you new ways to get help. We’ll also make it easier to quickly and easily find the answers you need on your own, if you prefer.”

It’s heartening to see an investment in Etsy phone customer support. Seller support is one area that, as a rule, the marketplaces don’t do with much aplomb and phone support is a popular option so making it available 24/7 is positive. But none of that much matters unless it’s any good and you can get through reasonably easily and have your problem solved.

Have you any experience with Etsy customer support and it is any good?


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