Etsy survey points to possible future seller benefits

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There’s an Etsy survey out there that is asking about the sorts of perks and services that Etsy may be considering as part of a seller package. The questions in the survey ask for views on income security and include requests for input on pensions and healthcare.

In the preamble to the survey they say: “Our latest seller census indicates that financial security and income volatility (that is, predicting future sales and dealing with inconsistent sales) is the top barrier to achieving your business goals. We have the opportunity to propose, test, and advocate for creative public policy solutions that can offer increased economic security and financial stability for Etsy sellers – but we can’t do it alone. Please take a moment to complete our 2018 Priorities Survey, so we can make sure we’re focusing on what matters most to you and your business.”

You can find the survey here. And here’s one of the questions they’re asking to residents of the USA.

“Which of the following would be valuable to you and your business? (Check all that apply)

– A way to automatically withhold a portion of the income I earn on Etsy to save for a specific purpose (i.e. taxes, general savings, retirement, etc.)
– A way to simplify my income taxes
– A way to purchase group-rate benefits (i.e. health insurance, unemployment insurance, disability insurance or paid family leave)”

More than 15 years ago, eBay tried to introduce a way of giving sellers healthcare rights and just couldn’t find a way of getting a meaningful and attractive package together. So it’s interesting that Etsy should be thinking along similar lines now. Who knows what the survey will come up with? It wouldn’t be surprising if merchants didn’t want the marketplace to offer such perks or services in any case.

The bad news for UK Etsy sellers is that it seems that your views are not currently valuable for this particular Etsy survey. When you choose your location as the UK, there are no questions to answer.


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