Sky predicts a change of command at Royal Mail: Moya Greene out, Back in.

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There is online chatter about a change at the top of Royal Mail. It is being reported by Sky that Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene will be standing down this year. The reputed replacement is Rico Back, head of the Royal Mail parcels division.

The precise timing of Ms Greene’s departure from the company was unclear this weekend, although‎ one source close to its board said an announcement was likely to be made before it reports full-year results on 17 May. If confirmed, Mr Back’s coronation will make him the second consecutive non-British chief executive of Royal Mail.
– Sky

Greene has presided over the most significant development at Royal Mail since its creation centuries ago: privatisation. And whether you are philosophically for or against it, she has made of it a success on a number of levels. And doubtless personally pocketed a few quid from it too.

But from a merchant point of view, the question must be whether Royal Mail operates in the most effective manner for anyone who sells on marketplaces. The starting point must be: yes.

It is a most effective and the obvious postal supplier and usually works well. But there must also be circumspection and the view that it could do so much more and make so many services available. There is huge scope for evolution and Rosa Mail is in a unique position. eBay and Amazon and the others are obviously huge areas of profit to be tapped. Royal Mail definitely doesn’t get as much as them as it could. It would take imagination and verve. But Royal Mail doesn’t seem ready to embrace change quickly. Maybe the departure of Moya Greene will accelerate change?

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  1. When we invested a LOT of our money in Royal Mail it seemed like a no-brainer, it seemed like a decent long term safe share in a company that had all the advantages in it’s corner. The network, the experience, a unfair monopoly.

    We still have not sold one single share since launch, and everytime is drops like stone like before Christmas below 400 it is a bargain so we buy more.

    The chains of a public company were being cut loose just when e-commerce was becoming so dominant and the high street model was fading. Now the High street is in terminal decline. Royal Mail all be it with some decent innovations such as Click and drop and FINALLY a delivery confirmation to deal with mail theft seems to move like a snail. The change does not happen quick enough, and they have LOST so much ground to the likes of Amazon. The service from a business point of view is just not good enough either. Totally understand their will be major legacy issues.
    We have gone from 560 this morning to 549 probably on this news, it has been bouncing about for 3 months like this. It should be over 600 by now and consistent

    We are long term investors and want to see RMG invest and be competitive, but all the focus is on short term profits for “the impatient shareholder”. Forget the short term, get a long term investment plan work with independents, not just the eBay and Amazons.
    LEVEL playing field for all business.

    So much potential so much scope, it is held back by to many living in the past.
    Am glad she is now going the world is now evolving to quick it need’s new direction.

  2. Bring back DMO!

    It worked!

    Not like Click and Drop The Ball, which will be sure to screw up at a critical point in the day.

  3. In my opinion, I’ve been dealing with RM for 10 years, the service levels are at an all time low.

    The entire business is focused on trying to catch out the businesss that take advantage of gaps to save costs on delivery. Instead of dealing directly with them the attitude is that all of us are trying to do that. The introduction of this £25 charge for any silly little mistake is beyond a joke, between that and the farce that is Netdispatch I’ve been moving more and more business away from them.

    If they are happy to loose a customer spending nearly £200k over £25 charges for bits of paper then that’s only going to end one way.

  4. Just an example I came across last week, I sold a book on amazon that was just over 2kg the Post Office wanted me to send it with Parcelforce for £13+ I went home and sent it with MyHermes for half that, crazy!!


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