LAST CALL: Complete our international selling survey with WorldFirst

We’re undertaking some research into international selling and we need to talk to the experts: you.

You can find the survey and provide your answers on your international trade journey here.

In terms of building a successful ecommerce business, domestic trade is good but international ecommerce takes your enterprise to the next level. And specifically when it comes to growth and profitability, looking overseas to trading cross-border is vital but also challenging.

When did you start selling overseas and why? In this survey, we want to examine your reasoning and the inspiration for taking your marketplaces business global. It’s a big step that requires a learning curve that can seem daunting and we’re interested to understand why merchants make the move and embrace broader horizons. And of particular interest are the services and information you used to overcome any problems you encountered.

All told in the survey there are 11 questions which should only take a few minutes to complete and as a thank you you’ll be entered into a draw to win £200 worth of Amazon vouchers. Thanks very much for your time and insights and good luck with the draw.

This research is being undertaken in association with currencies specialist WORLDFIRST and will be used to inform a research paper that we’ll publish in the weeks to come.

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