How to calculate your Amazon merchant fees

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It can be tricky to make stock buying decision when you sell on marketplaces, not least because the fees structures on various sites vary widely and also be bewilderingly complicated. This ‘how to’ article looks at the various Amazon merchant fees you’ll need to sell and point you towards resources that will help you make precise calculations regarding specific items.

You can view the full Amazon merchant fees schedule on Amazon UK here. (Confusingly, they have listed the fees for all Amazon Europe sites and you must scroll down to find the UK section in sterling.)

Amazon Merchant Fees: open an account

In the first instance you’ll need to consider what kind of account you need, and the fees vary depending on your status:

Basic selling plan: This suits smaller merchants who are only selling fewer than 35 items per month and therethere is no monthly fee but you’ll need to pay £0.75 per item listing. You can judge whether the Basic package makes sense if you have an idea of how many lines you will be selling as you start out.

Pro selling plan: This costs £25 (exc. VAT) per month and there are no per item listings fess.

Amazon Merchant fees for selling

These fees relates to successful sales and are called Referral Fees and Selling Fees.

Referral fees: These are your sales commissions payable on successful transactions. They vary widely across category between 7% and 45%. And to make an accurate assessment you need to make sure that you are assigning your items to the correct category.

Amazon merchant fees

(If you find the text too small, the full Amazon merchant fees schedule can be found here but be sure you scroll down to the UK section at the bottom of the page.)

Closing fees: These are fees only applicable in media categories: books video games, DVDs, software, gaming consoles and other media items. In the UK, closing fees are a flat rate of 50p in the relevant categories.

FBA Fees
There are also fees payable for the optional FBA programme and we’ll cover those in a subsequent ‘How to’.

Amazon Merchant Fee Calculator

Probably the most useful resource out there for merchants when it comes calculating fees is the calculator that Amazon provides, which you can find here.

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