Support for Magento 1 will end in November (UPDATED)

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(UPDATED: 31/08/18: A PR agency working for Magento has been in touch and advised that Magento 1.x support will not be ending in November 2018. They have not confirmed how long support may yet persist. We’ve asked. And, naturally, we will let you know any new information when we receive it.)

There are several online reports that Magento will be ending support for older versions of their software soon. Specifically, all Magento 1.x versions will no longer be supported from November this year. If you’re still using a 1.x edition of Magento then it’s now definitely time to upgrade.

There are numerous risks associated with relying on old software and those risks are amplified when support is withdrawn. Obviously key functionality could just simply stop working, making your Magento shop look unprofessional and losing you sales. But more seriously, security and safety issues are also increased meaning your databases are vulnerable and personal data could be infringed. And additionally, by upgrading to the new version, you’ll also enjoy access to more features and plug-ins that will doubtless enhance your webshop.

In June 2017, Magento promised that they would be continuing support for at least 18 months and they’ve honoured that pledge. And also at the time they did give Magento users a clue about transitioning to the new product:

We are confident that every merchant will benefit from moving to Magento 2, and look forward to seeing you upgrade when the time is right for you.
– Magento

You’ll be able to get more information about upgrading from Magento 1 in the knowledge base or, if you have one, get talking to your Magento developer and get started on an urgent upgrade plan. (Although, if your developer hasn’t sorted this out for you already you might want to consider whether they’re a good fit.)

Magento has played fair. They’ve supported old versions for many months. And they have given plenty of notice of the change. Version 2 was launched nearly two years ago. And whilst it may seem like a pain in the short term, there are considerable benefits to merchants from an upgrade. So focus on the positives.

Have you already upgraded to Magento 2? What are the benefits of using the more advanced software?

2 Responses

  1. The new version is meant to be faster and the admin interface is more user friendly but I have not looked at it properly yet.

    I think Magento is a great product but it is not for the faint hearted, Magento 1.x versions were a nightmare to update with a 95% chance of going wrong and breaking your site. I am unsure how good the dedicated Magento hosting services are for upgrades etc but I am sure you would get good support if you choose the right one.

    Good Magento developers are not cheap and overall it is a high end product, even when using the free version. The reason I do not use it is because connecting it to Amazon & eBay is very expensive compared to WooCommerce that I use at the minute.

    If you want to run multiple businesses / branded shops on one site you can, I think Gap / Banana Republic still use Magento and have used it from the early days

    I aim / would like to go back to using Magento in the future, Community edition that is, as long as Adobe keep it Open source, which they say they will.



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