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Showing phenomenal growth since it’s 2017 launch in the UK, Amazon Business supplies over half of all FTSE 100 companies and 16 of the 20 largest UK Universities which has helped it to grow to a $10 billion business worldwide.

What should be of more interest is that merchants make up over 50% of the $10 billion in global sales and Amazon Business is becoming increasingly the easiest way into becoming a supplier to larger companies across the UK and other countries where Amazon Business has launched – The United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and India. Since launch, Amazon Business has shipped to business customers in more than 70 countries around the world.

“Amazon Business helps me achieve both of these [save time and money and improving the transparency of procurement operations] for Siemens, allowing our users to better manage tail spend by gaining access to new and existing suppliers through an easy-to-use interface.”
– Dietmar Harteveld, Head of Siemens GS Supply Chain Management, EMEA

Designed to help merchants reach new business customers around the world, Amazon Business offers accessing tailored features such as the VAT Calculation Service, which automatically creates VAT invoices on behalf of sellers for Amazon orders placed and displays VAT-exclusive prices on their products to business customers. Some of the newest features include:

  • Pay by Invoice

    Pay on net 30 day terms.

  • Quantity Discounts

    Business customers now request quantity discounts from business sellers when purchasing larger quantities of eligible products.

  • Replenishment lists

    Re-order past purchases and regularly ordered supplies hassle free with Quick re-order and Re-order lists.

More importantly, as companies sign up Amazon Business supplies quickly becomes a de facto approved source for buying just about anything and just as consumers that sign up to Amazon Prime start to use the marketplace more often, company employees also start to get hooked on the convenience of Amazon and the ability to purchase a mind boggling array of goods for their business as the click of a mouse.

It’s worth remembering that companies buy a vast array of products – not just those you’d expect such as computer, printers and office supplies. Amazon Business supplies could include anything from the company Christmas decorations to props for movies to gifts as incentives for employees or customers. If you want your products to be sold to some of the largest companies and organisations across the UK and around the world then signing up for Amazon Business is essential. The cost is zero and, if you already sell on Amazon, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t.

Some sellers have expressed dislike of the VAT calculation services and other features but these are optional as are giving bulk discounts. The real attraction however is having your goods available to purchase by businesses who otherwise may be unlikely to ever find your website and even if they did would find it too time consuming to get you on their approved supplier list. Once you are signed up as an Amazon Business seller you’re automatically on the approved supplier list for every company that uses the service.

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  1. It is incredible that in less than 3 years Amazon business is generating $10 billion in annual sales from only 7 countries America, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and India. It took Amazon AWS cloud 10 years to generate $10 billion in annual revenue and Amazon business has done it in less than 3 years which puts into perspective how big and important Amazon business is. The growth potential can be exponential as Amazon expands its b2b business around the world.

    Amazon has 4 areas that will drive Amazon to be a multi trillion dollars company which are. Amazon business b2b, advertising, aws cloud compuing, the internet of things smart home, business technologies such as Alexa and connected devices.


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