Terapeak features to be migrated to eBay Seller hub

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Terapeak is perhaps the best known eBay research tool and for many years the only tool that directly licensed data from eBay giving Terapeak features a unique advantage and this was the reason it became so popular with pro-sellers. Recently acquired by eBay, there are changes coming over the next few months which will impact subscribers to the Terapeak service.

Terapeak ended all support for Amazon accounts and removed Amazon data in MySales in April 2018, following the eBay acquisition in December 2017.

Now, starting from the 12th of November, some of the Terapeak features will be migrated to the eBay Seller Hub. Terapeak will start developing features in coordination with eBay’s seller tools, provided through the Seller Hub. As a result, Terapeak will enable easier access to eBay sellers with linked seller accounts, and will eliminate feature redundancies between the two applications.

On the 12 of November, Terapeak will retire the MySales Dashboard. This dashboard has traditionally served as a way for Terapeak’s users to monitor their sales performance. The eBay Seller Hub Performance tab provides all of the same traffic and transaction data, while providing more insight into selling costs and overall listing success.

Terapeak say that Research 2.0 is a faster and more stable search tool than their Legacy Research Tools which are also still available. The say that through Research 2.0, users can conduct all of the same research they’ve traditionally found in Hot Research, Category Research and Product Research but in a single interface. After the 12th of November, Terapeak users will no longer have access to Legacy Research tools and will have to use Research 2.0.

I may be wrong (perhaps I need some Terapeak Research 2.0 training?) but I can’t find all the detail that was available in Terapeak Legacy Research including, Time of day, day of the week, listing features, keywords and pricing. The advanced features in Terapeak Research 2.0 are a price range option, Product Condition, Listing Format and Location.

In early 2019, Terapeak and eBay will unify their billing through eBay’s payment processing platform. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, you will need to have successfully linked an eBay account to your Terapeak account, and have up to date billing information on eBay.


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