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£1.39 is hardly going to change my life, but it’s the first cashback reward for my new PayPal Business Debit Card which just landed in my PayPal account. If you’ve not yet got a PayPal Business Debit Card it’s time to consider applying for one.

The PayPal Business Debit Card replaces the PayPal Access card which, if you have one, will stop working in just over a month’s time (9th of September). The one downside is that you can only apply for a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard if you are a PayPal business account holder.

My paltry £1.39 was based on just a couple of hundred quid of spending and I only received it mid month so covers juat a couple of weeks. Once I received the new card I tested it and then, having some funds in my PayPal account, took advantage of spending them in the local supermarket and a tank of fuel.

If you use the card to pay your business expenses such as courier bills, suppliers for stock, purchases to run your business, your eBay invoice and just about every other expense you have then you should see modest bu significantly higher cashback rewards – the rate is 0.5%. Cashback rewards are uncapped, unlimited and on every debit transaction – in-person and online.

Soon, you’ll also be able to apply for up to four additional debit cards on the same account, so others in your business can also access the funds to make business purchases.

There is a £350 daily ATM withdrawal limit (£1 fee per withdrawal) and a £6000 daily transaction limit, although PayPal say that your individual limit may vary depending on your PayPal financial history.

You can apply for a PayPal Business Debit card here.

8 Responses

  1. Good for you. Mine isn’t accepted anywhere I’ve tried it, even online. I was told to make a small withdrawal, for which they charge £1, “to activate it” but it still won’t work.

    After twice getting the usual robotic advice, has your card expired, did you enter the details correctly etc. I finally got a reply which said it was because I don’t have a debit card linked to my Paypal account, which is a requirement. I do, and from a major UK bank. So as usual with any large corporation when they run out of answers and don’t know what else to do they’re now just ignoring me.

    So at the moment I’m £1 down and all it’s good for is withdrawing cash, but since I can transfer that to my bank account immediately then withdraw it for free even that’s relatively useless.

  2. Yes, as I said we went through all the usual “have you…” stuff. I’ve tried this at a few High Street retailers and online on sites I use regularly, and where I can use any of my other cards without a problem. I even tried to make a one-off payment to eBay to test it and that wasn’t accepted either.

    Quite simply, the card just doesn’t function and nobody knows why. The reason Paypal gave isn’t valid, but the biggest issue as always seems to be the case in situations like this is the company assumes I’m doing something wrong instead of accepting there’s a problem with the card. Once we get past that we might get somewhere.

  3. @Mark Hetherington , Mine works on amazon and a stationery website, but doesn’t work trying to purchase goods on ebay, or in the google play store. There is definitely something not right about them. Then again, with the access card, my funds would sometime be debited but the retailer wouldn’t have received the funds which caused a lot of headaches.

  4. I have done well for July, received over £15 cashback, this month I am currently on £5.03.

  5. A big steps towards the customer. On one hand PayPal rewards me for my purchases, on the other hand Barclay’s charges me £6.50 every month for keeping my money in their account!


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