DPD Electric Vehicle Nissan eNV200 delivers in Berkshire

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DPD are now running an electric fleet outside London where they have been highly publicised. I’ve received my first zero emissions delivery via a DPD Electric Vehicle (a Nissan eNV200) at Thatcham in leafy Berkshire.

Couriers use of electric vehicles is interesting due to their limited range, currently they’re only really suitable for relatively short runs due to the range so consumers on city and suburban routes are more likely to see EVs pulling up at their door.

Speaking to the driver, the Nissan eNV200 she uses only has to cover about 40 miles a day as her route is entirely within the small town of Thatcham and that being the case it amazingly only needs charging every two days as it’s range is around 125 miles. Nissan claim that in ECO-mode to limit engine output the range can be extended to 187 miles but as we all know manufacture claims and real work range aren’t always quite the same.

Even with limited range, it’s interesting to see a DPD electric vehicle delivering in Berkshire, in the local depot we believe they have a handful of EVs to supplement their fleet of regular diesel vans. Moving to an entirely electric fleet will be years into the future as the cost and availability of HGVs is prohibitive and the range is simply too low. A typical trunk run by an HGV could easily be three to four hundred miles a night and electric vehicles haven’t advanced to that capability yet.

“Reducing and neutralising our carbon footprint; providing smarter and more efficient urban delivery solutions and driving innovation are at the heart of DPD’s DrivingChange programme. We want to be the leader in alternative fuel vehicles in the UK, with the ultimate aim being to move to a zero emission fleet.”
– Dwain McDonald, CEO, DPD in May this year

DPD have been carbon neutral since 2012 and use a three headed approach to reducing the carbon impact of each parcel that they deliver:

  • DPD measure their carbon footprint with externally audited methods and tools.
  • DPD aim to reduce their CO2 emissions per parcel – hence my delivery arriving in a DPD electric vehicle. By 2018, DPD had reduced their CO2 emissions per parcel by 15,2% of compared to 2013.
  • DPD offset the remaining transport and energy consumption emissions

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    the New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid’s can take you more than 30 miles (48kilometres) using the electric motor alone. Ideal on those short trips in the city that usually result in low efficiency and more money spent on fuel. On longer journeys, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine helps to extend the van’s range to over 310 miles (500 kilometres) – working with regenerative braking to recharge the battery. And once sufficiently charged, you can switch back to electric only, helping you save money and reduce pollution

  2. My friend works for Hertz and he got a hybrid petrol 2 years ago and said it is the best car purchase he has ever done and he knows everything about cars and costs!

    Low emissions is going to be critical if you are regularly going to cities with LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and ULEZ.


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