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On what’s been dubbed Last Chance Monday, the start of the final week for buying online if you want your presents to arrive before Christmas, OnBuy have announced another massive discount day for Christmas shoppers.

Quick tip if you sell on OnBuy, the marketplace will indicate on the product page whether an order is likely to arrive for Christmas – make sure you are offering expedited dispatch and shipping for the next week if you don’t already do so!

OnBuy themselves will happily admit that they aren’t the biggest marketplace – eBay and Amazon have that sewn up. What OnBuy are is the fastest growing alternative marketplace and frankly, the numbers are clear, one of the most successful general marketplace contenders the UK has ever seen.

On the back of a hugely successful Black Friday price drop, OnBuy have now announced another massive discount day for Christmas shoppers on Last Chance Monday. OnBuy saw huge sales across every category on Black Friday, particularly in tech, landing a transaction every 10 seconds. With over £1 million in sales made on the day, the numbers came in five times stronger than the same period in the previous year.

OnBuy customers will have another chance to take full advantage of £25 million worth of savings on Monday the 16th of December. Prices on the 17 million products available on the site will be reduced to give those who haven’t yet completed their Christmas shopping list another chance to grab a bargain.

“Millions of people haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet, which is totally understandable. We want to offer these people the chance to get brilliant deals. With our specialist independent sellers offering market-leading products at great prices, Monday will be a day to remember. As with Black Friday, we’re taking the financial hit to give our sellers the opportunity to add their own discount. There will be great deals to be had, so we advise shoppers to head to the OnBuy website first thing on Monday.”
– Cas Paton, managing director, OnBuy

The decision for OnBuy to take the financial hit on the sales fees across all products was made last week. Cutting their prices is a way for OnBuy to assist their sellers and through OnBuy funding the discounts through fee cuts, it gives sellers the ability to cut prices even further.

“Black Friday was a real success for us and our sellers, with unprecedented figures. Last Chance Monday is going to be another huge day. We expect to achieve the same Black Friday momentum again and make a sale every 10 seconds in the 24-hour sale period. We pride ourselves in not competing with our sellers like brands such as Amazon do, and our Last Chance Monday positioning will again showcase this commitment to the sellers and buyers too.”
– Cas Paton, managing director, OnBuy

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  1. Another desperate attempt by OnBuy to get sales. Take a hit on the few pence on reducing prices but hopefully get more people over the free £500 threshold so they will have to pay the monthly fee.
    OnBuy keep telling us how good they are doing but all we get is desperation to get sales. We do more on our own website (and we charge more on the website as well) in one morning than we have done in one year with OnBuy. The way forward in the future is shopping on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest as they are placing themselves for the future with payment processors etc. We are doing it now which is connected to our Woocommerce website and it’s building quickly.

  2. @SAM I have never tried Opencart so have no idea if it is any good or not. I did try Magento but found it very hard to work with, expensive and you only had to sneeze and it broke. Before that we had Prestashop which was good but very bad for SEO so was pointless really. Then somebody mentioned Woocommerce/Wordpress so thought I would give it a try. I have one website that I built 3 years ago another website that is going to replace it in the spring and another brand new one that is launching for my wife in April that is nearly finished and a brand new one that we are launching in July.
    I find Woocommerce very easy to work with, very inexpensive, excellent on SEO and probably the easiest to do yourself which we do. On average it has cost us about £150 a website to buy the plugins that are needed as most are FREE and we are on a Shared server with 1 website and 3 subdomains that costs us £10 a month so cheap there as well. We connect Facebook to Woocommerce to make a catalogue which then is sent to Facebook to make a shop and also does Instagram Shopping. And we have been using a plugin that does the same for Pinterest. If you have the inclination like I did and have, I find it interesting and there are lots of Youtube channels that will help you and forums as well. You also have the control on what gets done and how. So if you are not happy you can change it. For us this is the only way forward and we will be pushing this for all it’s worth as at the moment apart from buying the plugin all is free so makes the top line look a lot better, and you sell your items for more and in our case each sale is over double what we average on Ebay, Amazon or on OnBuy or Etsy.

    We have been with OnBuy for almost a year now and we have had about 8 sales to date, so we don’t put any time in to it as OnBuy don’t seem bothered about advertising so we put the time in to our website and future websites that are coming.
    Hope the above helps.

  3. @Tony
    Damn that’s are interesting facts about onBuy.
    Mind telling us the category you’re selling in?
    We’re considering onBuy but I worry we spend time to integrate and get very little sales…


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